July 26, 2021

Nona Manis

A kuih so good that it made my heart sing! Nona Manis is a steamed pandan-flavoured kuih with a creamy center filling made of coconut cream custard. Just plop one in your mouth and enjoy the melting delight.

Melts in your mouth!

Nona Manis

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Serves: 20 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: calories fat
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Batter A

    1. 400g flour
    1. 850ml coconut milk
    1. 4 eggs

Batter B

    1. 600ml water
    1. 8 pandan leaves
    1. 400g sugar
    1. 350ml coconut milk
    1. 1 tsp. salt
    1. 120g corn flour
    1. 1 tsp. pandan essence
    1. Green food colouring (optional)

Batter C (filling)

    1. 1.8 liter coconut milk
    1. 160g flour
    1. 480g sugar
    1. 20 steaming cups or Chinese tea cups



1. For Batter A, mix flour with coconut milk. Whisk out lumps. Beat eggs and combine with flour mixture. Set aside.

2. For Batter B, blend pandan leaves with water, strain to discard fibers. Mix pandan extract with rest of ingredients and cook on medium heat until it thickens and bubbles up.

3. Turn off heat, continue stirring in one direction until bubbles disappear. Stir in Batter A bit by bit into Batter B so the eggs doesn’t scramble. Set mixed green batter aside.

4. Make Batter C (filling) by whisking all ingredients together until smooth. Cook on medium low heat until thick and velvety. Cool down completely. Fill it into a squeeze bottle.

5. Lay a piece of tin foil on bottom of steaming tray and arrange cups. Grease each steaming cup with a little oil. Get water boiling on standby.

6. Pour green batter into each cup half way up. Squeeze in filling into centre of the green batter. Do not overfill.

7. Cover with lid and steam for 8 to 10 minutes.

8. Kuih is ready when it is set and the batter does not stick to fingers. Cool down for 15 minutes and remove kuih from cups.

Can be eaten warm but it is best when served cold


Use a tin foil to lightly cover the cups so condensation from steaming lid doesn’t drip down. Steam on moderate heat so the kuih stays smooth and silky.

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