December 7, 2023
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MyBurgerLab – One of the Best Hipster Black Burgers in PJ

Burgers at myBurgerLab are popular recipes they researched on-line then modified. Some are quirky enough to satisfy the fussiest hipsters. Buns are funky black stuffed with delicious things served with a side of fries and chilli mayo if you get the set. They are super hyped on social networks so we checked out what the fuss is all about and discovered foodies after our own hearts and, stomachs…

I like black buns and I cannot lie…

We first reviewed them way back in 2011 when three guys ambitious guys decided to sell burgers that foodies would love to eat. At that time, they actually had only 6 month’s worth of money to sustain and test their beliefs. The plan: hook people with a great burger in a black bun and viral this so that people will talk about it and come. It worked. They came in droves and now they years later… they are still standing serving on of the best burgers in town. Co-founder Ren Yi gets happy and passionate people to work with him so it shows in the taste and service.

Where the funs starts on MBL

We recently went back to taste tested myBurgerLab and had a fun burger experience again. If you are new to this place, there are five burgers that we recommend you try to ‘get’ the myburgerlab unique experience. They experiment with their burgers all the time and keep coming up with better processes for their burgers- like using a flame torch to quickly melt their cheddar cheese so that burgers come to you.

MBL’s great burgers

Top right, we have The Bomb. Cheddar Beef Burger with Sriracha sauce and the piece-de-resistance Sunny Side up Egg. Kinda like the one you get at Ramly’s but much better. Nice and simple. The left one is the Bulbasaur (yeah.. green.. Pokemon.. correct!). Very cute and tasty intrepretation of the rare (imaginary) beast. This is a fried chicken burger topped with green salsa, seaweed mayo, cheddar cheese and then… egg on top. A bit heavier to eat but very tasty as well. Great for Pokemon trainers they say. We say? Has a very balanced taste. Love how they grilled the chicken in this.

Nasi Lemak burger at In Out at MBL

At bottom is the burger that caused so much mayhem and attention. The Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang Burger. Again.. a fried chicken burger topped with sambal, egg, onions, chopped ikan bilis and a delicious rendang sauce. If a nasi lemak wants to be a burger.. this is how it should look and taste like. It’s quite a rich and spicy taste. Fun to eat. The top one is MBL’s tribute to the In-N-Out Burger which is a beef burger with double sharp melted cheese and topped with mustard sauce + “a secret sauce”. Nice beefy taste. We love this too.

The Ultraman is no slouch too. Ayam Burger with Salted Duck Yolk overflowing all over the crunchy grilled chicken. Need we say more? Fundamentally, myBurgerLab burgers are soft which means that both the bun and the burger are soft. The buns are black and baked fresh daily. They go for the juicy soft patty kind rather than slightly firmer patty. Their taste is not supposed to be classic. It’s fun. Even their classics have some kinda twist. Their burgers are not huge BIG. Just nice. In US, these size burgers are called sliders because it’s small enough to slide down your throat. And lastly, they keep the sides simple so that it complements burger taste. Prices start at around RM18+ for burgers and additional RM7 with fries and drinks. If you drive by at night and there is no queue, that means that they have run out of burgers. Drinks and fun are free flow with the set.


I like black buns and I cannot lie…


AddressNo. 14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Open uesday- Sunday 5pm- 10pm
Pro Fun delicious burgers, great counter service.
ConsSometimes wait times long.
Price Range RM18 – RM50
Certification Pork Free

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