December 7, 2023
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Cowboys Food Truck – Tastiest Best Value Brisket Platter in PJ

One of the best value & tastiest brisket platters in KL & PJ are from guys at Cowboys Food Truck. Recently, owner Nizar has opened in Ara Damansara for brisket lovers to savour his tasty smoked meats in a cozy sit-in setting just like “orang atas”. We like!! 

This is the place meat lovers will want to go

Briskets are expensive because there are only 2 of them per cow and actually, they are a tough cut of meat. However, the toughness can be counteracted with slow long cooking. This breaks the meats down and makes them tender if done properly. The skill is hard & expensive to master.

The lovely melt in out mouth briskets at Cowboys with over 24 hours to make.

But then again, Cowboys can give you 100gms of thigh slappingy good briskets with potatoes & smoked beans for only about RM29 per plate. Not only are their briskets are a level up in taste compared to their nearest competitors, it’s a far better value in price.

The best value brisket plate in town. 100gms with great sides too
Must try Cowboys legendary potato salad! You get all that on your plate

We also love the Roundhouse. It comes fully loaded with briskettes (400gms), pulled lamb (200gm), three different types of fried chicken and for sides, Cowboys legendary potato salad & BBQ smoked baked beans. The roundhouse can easily feed 4 people at only RM155 per platter, again.. a far value price than their nearest competitors. Giler puas hati!

The roundhouse feeds four people effortlessly. Best value in town too.

A good brisket is made with time & love. The cooking process is over a long period and it is during this period where skill & labour comes in from adjusting the wood, smoke & applying the spritz which is basically “cooling” down the brisket with a spray of special mix of water and spices.

We thought you’d like some close up shots of them lovely meats

You might not know it but their fried chicken & wings are legendary too. A silent superstar! ahhh… hahaha… a blend of secret spices. They use only chicken thigh which helps keep the chicken juicy. Chickens are marinated overnight to allow deep penetration of their spices into these lovely thighs. And it comes in 3 flavours, Original BBQ, Garlic Parmesan & Mango Habanero. We love them all but our favourite is definitely the Garlic Parmesan.

The Chuck Norris. All Meat, No Salads.

So what if you are a carnivor with 100% meat all the way? Well, Cowboys have just the dish for you. Order up the Chuck Norris which has 100gms of briskets, 3 wings & fried chicken. No beans & no salads. Period. All for RM29!

Owner Nizar with his Roundhouse

We love to be able to have a sit down and be all “atas” eating at Cowboys without the “atas” price to go with it. Smoked by a humble yet talented pitmaster who got his appreciation of a good brisket from Dallas, their plates are definitely the best taste per value in town. Recommended!

Cowboys Barbeque & Grill

Tasty briskets thats worth your money


AddressBusiness Center, 5, Jalan PJU 1A/42 Ara Permata, Ara Damansara, PJ
Open 12.30pm to 9.30pm / Tues – Sat
Pro Tasty briskets thats worth your money
ConsLimited operating hours. Dinner only
Price Range RM27 – RM220 per plate/platter
Certification Muslim Owned

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