February 28, 2024
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Kimberly Street Penang Belacan Fried Chicken

Hidden along the rows and rows of hawker and street restaurants at Kimberley Street Penang lies on of the best Belacan Fried Chicken in the world. Its just a humble stall manned by Chua and his trusty sidekick Saiful, with 2 woks serving a continuous stream of customers till he runs out.

Only Authentic Penang Belacan is Used. Tasty!

The secret to his tasty belacan fried chicken lies in a couple of facts. Firstly, he double fries his chickens. Yes guys. There are two woks with varying temperatures. His fried chicken gets a high heat treatment first sealing all the juices in before its transfered to a lower heat wok to cook the lovely chickens. Secondly, he uses only Penang belacan which he says is incomparable to other more inferior makes. His ingredients are simple, just a batter mix of rice flour, wheat flour & belacan.

The result is a tasty fried chicken that has a great crunch on the outside, especially on the edges but still juicy on the inside. The belacan taste is just perfect, its not too overpowering. Slightly more belacan tasting than Fatty Crab’s version. And it’s halal too because apparently halal chickens taste better & prep is done by Saiful.

The best part? Drumsticks of course. They also have other parts such as wings, thigh, breasts & strangerly enough.. bishops nose which is quite popular amongst Penang people. The icing on the cake is the Salted Fish Fried Tofu that you can order on the side. Absolutely tasty. The ikan masin is infused inside the tofu and fried in the same wok as the chickens so you get the belacan chicken taste infused into it as well. Are you drooling already?

Uncle Chua has been serving Penang’s favourite Belachan fried chicken from almost 11 years. He started learning the trade from a friend. It took him only about a week to master the recipe before he is confident that this for him. Wow, some people really have the skills. Come early. His customers starts to swarm by about 5pm. Come late and its all gone.

Thank you Chua & Saiful for bringing a great fried chicken dish to all Malaysians! It’s always the simplest recipes that’s the hardest to make tasty.

Kimberly Street Penang Belacan Fried Chicken

Only Authentic Penang Belacan is Used. Tasty!


AddressHawker at Jalan Kimberley Penang
Tel: +60164515007
Open5pm – 8pm
ProReal Value for Great Fried Chicken. Try with the Tofu Salted Fish.
ConsRuns Out Fast. Come early.
Price RangeRM3 – RM10
CertificationPork Free

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