February 28, 2024

Nomms – The Place for Pressure Fried Chicken In Subang Jaya

Nomms serves some of the best fried chicken in town. They are fairly new and it took them a while to get their footing, but now they have their recipes and cooking techniques locked down. We just can’t get enough of their fried chicken…

Lightly Battered, Juices Oozing.. Tasty Fried Chickens

We love Nomms. First incognito test.. fail.. second.. fail.. one day they suddenly found their mojo and started to make great fried chickens. Nomms opened about a year ago in SS15 serving crispy fried chicken. The people behind Nomms are in the spice business and saw that the market needed more fried chicken joints, hence the shop was born. Back on their feet, they happily serve one of the juiciest and tastiest ‘western based’ fried chickens in Subang Jaya.

How Nomms Look Like Inside

Well.. someone painted pictures of chickens all over the walls, the setup looks very simple yet nice… and there’s a lot of love here as students and regulars leave lovely messages for Nomms as you can see. Now, the specialty here is juicy battered fried chicken which comes in 3 different flavours. The flavours are original, spicy and flavour of the month. It was garlic (the last time we went there) and currently it’s black pepper. You can mix and match your flavours in one plate for instance if you order 3 pieces of fried chicken, you can opt for one of each flavour. We like. Options.

Nomms Close Up

We love their spicy flavour as it has the right blend of spices. It is the kind of spiciness where everyone can enjoy, whether you are hardcore pedas fan or just a mild pedas eater. The original flavour is no slouch either, try it with some fries and lemonade as standard. What we love about their fried chicken is that that skin is nicely crisp but not over battered. So it’s a little lighter and not oily. The ayam remains oozingly juicy. Just nicelah. The sides are typical. You get rice (free as a set) or add on’s for fries and others

Great sides with Nomms

If you are looking for something else to munch on, the popcorn chicken is another must try. The batter is light and crispy, and the meat is juicy and tender as the breast meat for this. They serve it with some mango sauce on the side. Who knew that a creamy sweet mango sauce would go perfectly with fried chicken! Oh, and they just released a waffle burger that features their juicy chickens and popcorn chicken too.

Now, the fried chicken at Nomms are served fresh upon order, fried in their special fryer. Chickens are fresh, none of that defrosted stuff here so you have to wait about 10 minutes for it to come hot to you. No wonder the chickens are so good!

Nomms Subang Jaya

Lightly Battered, Juices Oozing.. Tasty Fried Chickens


Address36, Jalan SS 15/4, Subang Jaya, 47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: +60 3-5611 0796
Open 11am – 10pm
Pro The batter is light and crispy and the meat is tender and succulent
ConsYou have to wait a little bit for your order coz it’s fried on order
Price Range RM12 – RM17
ParkingOnly on a Tree
Certification Pork Free

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