March 27, 2023

Zul Mee Kari – Hidden Curry Noodles Shop at R&R Ulu Bernam You Must Try

One of the best kedai Mee Kari in Malaysia is hidden in a small humble shop at the PLUS R&R at Ulu Bernam. D’Famous Zul Mee Kari have been operating for more than 23 years now and once you try their Mee Kari, we guarantee you’ll be back for more.  

A Surprisingly Tasty Bowl of Mee Kari

It is now managed by Linda, one of the daughters of the late En. Zul but the taste is still just like the olden days. The highlight of the shop is… of course… Zul’s Mee Kari Special.

Puan Linda holding her Mee Kari Special. She is a 2nd Generation Owner of Zul Mee Kari.

It’s loaded to the brim with cockles, fucuk, fried tauhu, sliced aubergine, cut chillies, half a lime, cut ladies finger, half a boiled egg and to top it all off…a piece of ayam goreng fried in Zul’s style. The yellow noodles are the first to go in the bowl but you can hardly see it because of all the goodies stacked to the top of it.

Puan Linda assembling every piece of her Mee Kari Special

The semi thick curry broth is then slowly poured to almost the brim of the bowl hiding all the goodies inside. We recommend that you let it all soak for a couple of minutes. This releases more flavour into the broth making it a notch tastier. That is the secret. The other secret… the curried broth is seafood based 100%, which gives it that original that sweetness we like. 

Zul Mee Kari Special comes loaded with all sort of goodies filled to the brim. Worth the money!

The mee kari recipe has a Chinese origin but Linda’s mother tweaked it to suite local tastebuds by adding santan and other ingredients. Very pungent, tasty and every mouthful is a delightful kick. Their noodles are definitely not boring. The fucuk is a great companion to this dish, like a sidekick to a hero as it gives a good bite with broth generously clinging on the surface. The fried aubergine & ladies finger mixed in act like a thickener to the broth and enhances the flavours, making it richer.

One of the many goodies in Zul’s Mee Kari Special. Fried Aubergines!

Buy why does it taste this good? We found out that they take a painstaking 4 hours just to slowly saute (tumis) the base ingredients. And that’s every day! The pandemic was a huge challenge for Linda. Her family business was down as her regular customers couldn’t reach her stall. She had to think out of the box and started selling from kiosks near Ulu Bernam. The sales are not as good as the PLUS stall during pre-pandemic times but  enough to survive. She couldn’t bear to close her business so as not to disappoint her customers dating back from her late father 23 years ago. That was her inspiration to still carry on the business.

Zul’s nasi lemak with ayam goreng, telur mata and sambal on the side.

We’d also recommend Zul’s nasi lemak. Just a simple nasi lemak with sunny side up, sliced cucumbers, sambal manis and their addictive ayam goreng.. yes, the same one that they use for their mee kari. The sambal has a great sweet taste and it’s not too spicy. If you come in the mornings, there is the simpler nasi lemak bungkus using the same tasty sambal sauce. Just grab and go with the Mee Kari Special to-go!

Popular with Zul’s customers are their simole grab & go nasi lemak bungkus

Take a drive to R&R Ulu Bernam. We guarantee that you’ll never find another mee kari special as tasty yet fiesty as this hidden one, now lovingly made by Linda & her sister for all mee kari fans out there.

Watch out for this sign & turn in for one of the best Mee Kari in town

D’Famous Zul Mee Kari

A surprising tasty bowl of mee kari.


AddressD’Famous Zul Mee Kari, Stall No. 8, R&R Uu Bernam, Lebuhraya Utara Selatan, Ulu Bernam, Selangor.
Open 8am to 8pm daily
Pro Tasty kari mee & good value for money. Happiness in a bowl!
ConsAvailable only at R&R Ulu Bernam
Price Range RM5 – RM8
Certification Muslim Owned

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