December 7, 2023

Sup Ekor

Sup ekor is the Malaysian version of oxtail soup. We added lime juice to ours to give it a nice sour kick. Wholesome and fulfilling, this is a great recipe for rainy days and cold nights.

Want some tail?

Sup Ekor

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    1. 600 gm Oxtail, cut to 1-inch chunks

Ingredients A ( Spices)

    1. 3 Tsp Blackpeppercorns
    1. 3 Tsp Coriander Seeds
    1. 2 Tsp Fennel Seeds
    1. 2 Tsp Cumin Seeds

Ingredients B ( Aromatics )

    1. 8 Shallots
    1. 2 inch Ginger
    1. 4 cloves Garlic
    1. 4-6 Dried Chillies
    1. Salt and Sugar for seasoning
    1. Dry-fried Ingredients A
    1. ½ C Water

Ingredients C

    1. 600 gm Ox Tail, cut into 1-inch chunks
    1. 4 Tbs Oil
    1. 2 Litres Water
    1. 4 Bird’s eye Chillies
    1. 2 Lemongrass
    1. 2-4 Stalks Coriander Roots
    1. 2 Tbs Fried Shallots
    1. 4 Tbs Lime Juice
    1. A Handful of Coriander Leaves
    1. 1 tomato, sliced into wedges
    1. Sugar and Salt for seasoning


For ingredients A:

1. Dry fry ingredients A until fragrant.

For Ingredients B:

1. Blend ingredients B with dry-fried ingredients A into a fine paste.

For Ingredients C:

1.Heat up oil in a pot, add bird’s eye chillies and lemongrass. Sauté for a minute.
2.Next, mix in blended ingredients A and B. Sauté till fragrant.
3.Add in oxtail and let it brown for a little.
4.Pour in water, coriander roots and fried shallots. Season and add sliced tomato.
5.Boil for 5 minutes and bring it to a simmer for about 45 minutes or until the meat is tender.
6.Once the oxtail is tender, add in a handful of coriander leaves and more fried shallots.
7.Adjust the flavour with lime juice, salt and sugar.

*To serve, cut 2 slices of stale bread into small pieces, mix it in the soup with fried shallots and coriander leaves.


If you’re feeling under the weather, a hot bowl of Sup Ekor can help to perk you up.

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