July 25, 2021

Brown Rice Nasi Lemak

This nasi lemak Monday, we’re bringing you a brown rice nasi lemak recipe. We’ve tried it and found it delicious! Brown rice gives a nutty dimension to the dish that when mixed with pandan leaves, ginger and a splash of light santan can hold it’s own with sambal. It’s not only a healthier option but can seriously be something you will grow to enjoy. Just remember to eat it hot because it does dry up quicker than normal rice when cold.

Nutty and healthy… for all nasi lemak fans out there!

Brown Rice Nasi Lemak

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    1. 2 cups brown rice
    1. 1-2 pandan leaf knotted
    1. An inch of ginger sliced
    1. 1 tsp fenugreek (optional)
    1. 1 cup light coconut milk
    1. 3 ½ cups water
    1. A generous pinch of salt


1. Soak your brown rice for an hour (this is a very important step as it softens the rice).

2. Rinse out a few times and add all the other ingredients with it in the rice cooker.

*No matter how much rice you cook, always add coconut milk until it just about covers the grains. Then, the rest would be water. The finger method has served me well: stick a finger into the rice and measure how far it comes up to your finger. Then put your finger on the surface of the rice and add water until it reaches the same point. For brown rice though, you need more water. About ½ a cup more water for each 1 cup of brown rice as compared to white rice. The more you cook brown rice, the more you’ll discover the best way that suits you.

3. Cook and eat while it’s warm.

4. This recipe can work with a pot on the stove. Simply bring the rice to a boil and then turn it down to simmer and cover it until all the water is gone. Make sure to stir it once while it’s cooking.


Brown rice is surprisingly good. Try it with other recipes like nasi tomato, just make sure you add extra water. You can also use skimmed milk to give it creaminess if not keen on santan, remember a lot of the fragrance comes from the ginger and pandan leaves.

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