September 25, 2023
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Kyochon 1991 Korean Fried Chicken

They open their first store in 1991 with humble beginnings. Starting from the name, “Kyo” means wisdom and enlightenment and “Chon” means village, the founder chose this name to remind the Koreans the memory of their hometown every time they take a bite at his Fried Chicken.

Oppa KyoChon!

There’s no denying Malaysia’s love for Fried Chicken but to be more specific it’s Korean Fried Chicken and Kyochon 1991 without a doubt have to be one of the most well known. Is it the freshness of the chicken or could be the crispyness of the batter, maybe it’s the flavours of the marinate and the glaze itself, perhaps the combination of all those elements. That is why Kyochon is in your hearts and our list.

There’s 3 types of Fried Chicken at Kyochon 1991. For you guys with the a bit of a sweet tooth, they have The Honey series. If you want a little bit heat, The Red Pepper series is your go to and if you’re a purist then The Soy Garlic is the one for you.

Their original flavour, The Soy Garlic memang onz gila. The garlic soy glaze was mellow and not overwhelming at all, perfect for those yang tak suka strong flavours sangat. The glaze coats the batter perfectly and still have that extra crispyness. You can really taste garlic and saltiness of the glaze but it’s just nice that it won’t leave you with that garlicky after taste in your mouth.

Now we move on to The Red Pepper series, this is the pedas one! The batter for this is less crispy but only because it is drenched in this sweet and spicy sauce, that’s made with fresh red peppers. Ni you makan sampai meleleh tears and hingus every where but the spicyness only last during the first two bites and it doesn’t linger so kids pun boleh makan.

The last but for sure not the least is The Honey series! The batter here is super crispy even though it’s covered with that sweet sticky honey sauce that’s made with real honey. The flavours here is pretty straight forward, crispy salty chicken with a sweet surprise every bite. Memang layan!

You guys know what? Kyochon only use anti biotic free non frozen chicken, so that’s a plus for them! Healthier and boleh makan more.

Kyochon 1991

Oppa KyoChon!


AddressLower Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, LG311, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 017-283 3676
Open10.00 AM – 10.00 PM
ProThe chickens are always fresh and never frozen.
ConsThe lines can be daunting sometimes.
Price RangeRM10 – RM50
CertificationPork Free

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