July 26, 2021

How To Durian Like A PRO

FriedChillies is gonna make you a Durian expert in 5 minutes! With the price dropping like mad this year, it’s the best time to get your Durian fix and brag to your buddies about your durian knowledge… after your read this article.

” The Durian Guide that Sellers’ Don’t Want You to Read! “

You know it. It’s the Durian season again but you know sh*t! Where to buy? What types are there? How not to get tricked? Too busy to find out but want to be an expert? Here’s our guide that will make you metamorph from newbie to expert in ..5 minutes. Say thank you FriedChillies! [*high five*]


See this chart below. You’ll be expert in 1 minute.

Credit to FAMA and DurianBB.Com

Our favourite? D101 coz its creamy and sweet, D24 because its has a creamy, slightly bitter and strong taste. Read the chart at Durianbb.com’s FB. So now you know types of durians there are. Next…


1. Soon Durian Ampang, KL

Credit to Fun N’ Taste

This Ampang Durian institution have been around since 1993. If you’re in ampang and you wanna get good Durian, this is the spot. They’ll help you choose the best ones according to your preference and the best part, you can eat it how Durian should be eaten, right there and then and free mineral water to wash it all down. Psst… they even have a clean toilet just incase.

2. DurianBB Park Imbi, KL

Credit to DurianBB Facebook

This Durian joint is perfect for Durian connoisseurs. You can try their Durian Platter if you wanna try various types of Durian without breaking the bank paying for the whole fruit, best kan? They even classify the Durians according to the flavour profile for mildest to the strongest. It’s a like Durian tasting party everytime you go there.

3. Sinnaco Durian Specialist, Seksyen 19, PJ

Credit Sinnaco Durian Facebook

Sinnaco Durian Specialist is known for their “kipas susah mati” fans and we’re not surprised why coz you can get Musang King from as low as RM20/KG! That is cheap right?! Plus the service here is undeniably good, they really give the best of the best to their customers.

4. MK Durian Boys, Cheras

Credit to Fun N’ Taste

You don’t always have to go all the way to PJ and Ampang for good Durians, Cheras pun ada lah! MK Durian Boys is known for TWO things, a wide variety of Durians and their high quality Durians at super low price! Check this, their Musang King starts from RM18/KG gila lah!

5. Chen Brothers Durian & Fruits, Kepong Baru

Credit Facebook user Mikey Wes

If you’re in Kepong Baru then you should know Chen Brothers Durian & Fruits, also known for carrying tons of varieties of Durians and it’s guaranteed fresh all the time! Usually it can be a mahal here but with Durian anything can lah.

These are our Top 5 places to get your durian fix and feed that Durian monster! If you wanna find out more places check out our friend’s page Fun N Taste.


1. Weight

Don’t be fooled by it’s heavy weight with Durian coz it’s the complete opposite of what you want. The lighter, the better. If you have two Durians of the same size, usually the lighter one will have more “isi” (flesh).

2. Shape

Durian with a more round or spherical shape will contain more flesh in it. So cari betul-betul!

3. Thorns

Pick a Durian with a more shorter thorns and make sure it’s so close to each other, Durian with these characteristics have a more compact flesh.

4. Aroma

Follow your nose when you’re picking out Durians to get the taste of the “isi”. If it doesn’t smell strong or sweet enough, most probably it’s not gonna taste sweet.

5. Shell

Keep a close eye on the Durian shell, the un-open ones are the best and look out for any black spots because that usually means the “isi” is spoilt or rotten.

Those are some of the key points on how to pick your Durian, if you wanna know more check out our friend Vitdaily.

*DON’T WANT TO GET CHEATED* when buying Musang King Durians? Watch this video -> Expert Uncle Explaining Musang King

Credit to Rojak Daily


Now it’s time to teach you guys how to open up your Durian, I know you can always ask the Uncle to open it but for the guys who wants to impress your girls, follow these steps.

1. It’s best to open up your Durian on the floor, this is to make sure it won’t fall and hit your feet. Place it on a cloth so it doesn’t slip and hit you as well.

2. Sharpen your knife, the sharper the better. It’ll make it easier for you to open it up with minimum effort.

3. Always cut your Durian vertically and place your knife in between the thorns. Remember, this is important follow the grooves of the thorns and let the knife do all the work for you.

4. Lastly once you’ve cut a slit, wear gloves or just use a cloth to pry the slit open and reveal the fruits of your labor!

That’s not too hard right? Now you try and see how it goes.

Credit to BuzzFeed


My Ayah and Tok Ara own a small dusun durian back in Segamat, Johor and from them I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks on how to buang the durian smell for basically everywhere. Check it out!

1. Hands and Fingers

We all have been there. After a night of enjoying Durian after Durian, the smell still lingers till the day after. Keep the Durian shell after taking out the sweet flesh and wipe the inside of the shell with wet cloth or tissue to take out the remaining flesh residue and keep aside.

After dah habis makan durian, rinse your sticky hands and fingers with water first and then go fill the shell you just cleaned with some water. Wash your hands again but this time thoroughly using the water from the shell for about 3 to 4 times. End it with some hand soap and rinse again. Tadaaaa!!! No more smelly Durian fingers.

2. Mouth

Can’t seem to cast away that Durian breath and you’re starting to scare people away? Remember that Durian burp yang meraung tu? My Ayah always makes sure to keep a few extra durian shells and clean it, like I mentioned earlier.

Credit from little india blogspot

Before using it, make sure to gargle your mouth first and take out any remaining Durian bits and scrape your tongue as well since most of the smell sticks there. After that fill the clean durian shell with some water and gargle again, repeat 2 to 3 times and remember to drink some of the water from the flesh and end it by brushing your teeth. You’ll feel so fresh and so clean after trying out this tip.

3. Car

I’m sure you’ve hauled a good amount of durian in your car before kan? And the part you hate the most is the smell sticking to the inside of it. This is what my Tok Ara always do to the family van, whenever the smell just won’t go away.

Find the biggest and longest tangkai you can from your durian stash and make a small cut on the end of it. Stick it to your car air conditioner vent for a day as you are driving it around. Your car will no longer have that durian stench.

4. Fridge

Guilty of keeping away durian secretly in your fridge so no one will eat it? Lepas tu the smell will melekat for eons and eons lah and everything will taste like durian after that. Ayah will try not to keep durian in the fridge but if he has to, it won’t be more than a day and he seals it with a ziplock bag and after that put it in an airtight tupperware so the smell won’t seep out.

But if so happens the scent still melekat, get yourself some dark roast whole coffee beans. Lightly toast it on a hot pan and straight away put it in the fridge. This will eliminate the smell within a few hours.

There you go, these are the things you should know about Durians. Go on Durian expert, use your brand new skills for the goodness of Mankind and Durians.

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