December 7, 2023

5 Top Malay-style Western (2017)

Malay-style western is all about juicy meats and their irresistible sauces. Lots of them. It is immensely popular among people who like a more localised taste and good value for money meals…

” Juicy meats with lots of sauces… “

Malay-style Western Food, yes you know what we mean- chicken chop, steak and lamb chops sloshed in sauces. Creamy pastas, sloppy burgers and battered meats with mayonnaise laden slaw, fries and mashed potatoes (and this is just to name a few). It’s a sort of localised version of western grub that has been altered to suit local tastebuds or ‘tekak melayu’ better. You find them in street-side stalls or tucked away in food courts and has become a sub-cuisine of it’s own. If you fancy something down to earth and wallet friendly, have a look at some of our picks for local ‘Western’.

Pekan Station

Pekan station is one of the earliest eateries that serves western food in Kampung Baru. The restaurant is run by Ainuddin, the founder’s son. Before going back to his hometown, Ainuddin’s father gave him one night to master Pekan’s signature sauce- then it’s sink of swim. This young man has done well, recipes are maintained and he even added his own tweaks to the signature sauces. Most notably, is the brown sauce where Ainuddin adds beef stock to give it more umph. The best seller would be the Chicken Chop and Chicken Blue. Chicken Blue is their own rendition of a Cordon Bleu, instead of a meat wrapped around cheese, the chicken is deep fried and then cheese is inserted beneath the skin while it’s hot. Meats here are soft and succulent. Oh yeah…

Location: 61, Jalan Raja Uda, Kampung Baru, KL

Garage KL

Garage KL is a hip place located right beside MRR2. You can see it from the DUKE highway exit and it’s stacked up shipping containers modified to fit a few shops and restaurants on it. The place has a nice vibe with a mixture of retro and modern decorations. We are happy to report that the food is as good as the décor. Their Lamb Loin is cooked perfectly and comes with black pepper or brown sauces with a side of vegetables.

The Seafood Marinara is littered with different types of seafood and has a tinge of heat to it. Best of all you can chill out here with a cuppa and order up their hearty fare when the mood strikes you.

Location: Jalan Hillview, Taman Sri Ukay, Ampang

Munchies Food truck

Munchies Food Truck is pretty new with a grab ‘n’ go concept. The stars of the menu would be the Zinger Chicken and Pulled Beef Sandwich. The Pull Beef Sandwich is shredded beef brisket that has been cooked down for 5 hours. This is then refried with onions and bell peppers before placed between buns and topped with chilli sauce, honey mustard and salad. Zinger Chicken is a nice battered piece of chicken sandwiched between buns.

Location: BHP Taman Melawati, Ampang Jaya

Western Dulang

Western Dulang takes sharing to the next level. Born out of the idea that Malaysians love to share, a myriad of western dishes are piled onto a large round tray and served up so there’s something for everyone on it. Each Dulang comes with spaghetti, fries, lamb chop or chicken chop, meatballs, and coleslaw. They even throw in 3 different sauces for you to enjoy it with- brown sauce, black pepper sauce and a barbeque sauce. Each Dulang is meant to be shared between 4 to 6 person, but if you have a monster appetite why not?

Location: B-12-G, Bangi Gateway Shopping Complex, Bangi

Mios Kitchen

Mios Kitchen is fairly new to the local western scene as they started their business in 2015, but now they have 8 branches scattered across Klang Valley. Mios Kitchen is renowned for their brown sauce which is a concoction created specially that suits all tastebuds. This sauce paired with their amazingly juicy grilled chicken chop, is a match made in heaven. One of the secrets of the brown sauce is that they add tauchu into the mix, giving it an added umami punch. The grilled chicken is no slouch either. Meat is marinated beforehand and grilled upon order.

Location: Jalan BK 4/2a, Bandar Kinrara 4, Puchong

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