December 7, 2023

Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Subang Jaya

Finding a romantic spot in Subang Jaya is like looking for the Lochness monster. Fleeting and elusive. Don’t despair because we’ve already done the groundwork for you. Check out our pick for the Top 5 romantic spots in Subang Jaya.

Uncover Romantic Gems in Subang…..

So, romantic restaurants in Subang Jaya? Is it a myth or can you really find some cosy up, dim lighted, slow music, great service, fantastic parking, late closing and no kids restaurant to work that mojo of yours? Here are 5 places that will save your life when you come back home suddenly remembering that its your anniversary today or her birthday and KL is nowhere in sight. Tell her “Let me take you somewhere different, baby. You’ll love it” and pretend that you took precious time out from your leisure to really find somewhere new. It’s ok, score some brownie points on us. More good news. All places are reasonably priced. For more suburban joints that can crank up some heat in your romantic life have a gander at our Cosy and Romantic Restaurants in PJ or pick one of Bangsar’s Top Romantic Restaurants

1. Allegro Cafe – Trattoria Italiano SS15
See, even the name sounds romantic. Love the interior and ambience of this place. It is very cosy, dimly lighted and the restaurant is well decorated. Music is jazzy and sometimes Andre Brocelli comes on. If the evening weather is cool, reserve a spot on the balcony outside (Allegro’s on the 1st Floor) for a lovely dinner. The Chef and owner is Claudio Giovanni, a guy who takes his food seriously. Try the steak, lemon sole fish, calzone or homemade pizzas before finishing up with the tiramisu dessert. Call him up, tell him that you’re in trouble and he may just whip up something special for you. We dude’s have to stick together right?

Allegro Cafe, 51A, Jalan SS 15/4 Subang Jaya. Tel: 03-5631 5682. Business hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 12.30pm to 3pm, 6pm to 11.30pm. Sundays.

2. Jyuraku Japanese Restaurant SS15
You want some one-on-one time to work your mojo but restaurant tables are just sits you both too far apart? Put that blowhorn away, get creative and work it on a sushi bar instead. A great way to get up close and personal. I absolutely LOVE the sashimi here. Fresh and thick. They don’t skimp and the price is reasonable. They do get a bit busy and noisy during dinner but hey, you want that. I don’t think she’ll appreciate other people listening into what you lovebirds have to say right? When she see’s how thick the sashimi is, she’ll know that you are serious.

I recommend the tuna belly, tuna and salmon sashimi. Their sashimi assortments are good but stay away from the mackarel. You don’t want a fishy kiss. The bento sets are value for money but skip that for ‘families’. You are on a mission.

Jyu Raku, 13, Jln SS15/5A, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. Weekdays 11:30 – 3pm, 6-11pm. Weekends noon – 10.30pm 03- 5633 3819

3. La Cocina Restaurant & Tapas Bar
Just a little bit outside the circle of the Taipan parking madness lies a little Spanish Restaurant called La Cocina run and managed by the wonderful Mr. Jega, a swiss trained chef with over 11 years under his belt serving on the Queen Elizabeth 2. Beautiful decor, nice ambience and spanish music in the air. Try their tapas and the paella negres, a mixture of prawns, shrimps, clams, fish fillet, squid and vegetables with Spanish rice in squid ink. Finish off with the creme brulee. La Cocina’s version is very rich but I am sure you can figure out how to burn those calories off. Friday nights, there’s a salsa dance thingy going upstairs (they have 2 floors). So, you know what to do right?

La Cocina Restaurant & Tapas Bar, 38, Jalan USJ 9/5P, Subang Jaya
Restaurant: Daily, Lunch (11am-3pm), Dinner (6pm-12am)\
Tel/Fax: 603-8023 2395
Mobile: 6012-2096573

4. Uno
It looks a bit franchisey, but has muted lighting and parking is relatively bearable. Uno was previously Pizza Italia and has gained reputation serving good value for money pizzas and pastas. Start with some tapas, and then work your way toward the grilled salmon and magherita pizza.

Restaurant Pizza Uno (Taipan Branch)
No.55, Jalan USJ 10/1A (Taipan),
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 603 – 5635 0205

Weekeday: 11.30am – 3.30pm & 5.30pm – 11pm
Weekend: 11.00am till 11pm

5.Pizza Vs Satay
Okay, I am stretching it a little but if it takes you 30 minutes just to find friggin parking, chances are that it’ll be kinda hard to keep that mojo going strong. Subang Jaya is just notorious for parking. Now, Pizza Vs. Satay used to be in Taipan and moved over to a cosy location in USJ 11 where parking is just a billion times easier. It’s a lot more quiet too. Has a nice decor which I will call Malaysian-Italian for a lack of a better word but it’s nice and cosy. You get a selection of both local and ‘italian’ dishes. Satay’s are good, nasi lemak is great and pizzas are hand made and baked by a cute little ‘Italian lookalike by uniform’ pizza-maker. Sit at the table just opposite the pizzeria. Service can be ‘a little off’ sometimes so you need a Plan B. Your escape plan is Sri Ayutthaya which is just next door and it also looks just as cosy. But what’s life without a little risk, eh?

No 2, Jalan USJ 11/3J, Subang Jaya, Selangor, 47600
Typical hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

“Close but No Cigar”
Here are some of the places that almost made it into our list but not quite. TJ Haus in SS18. Great food but does not look remotely romantic. Upstairs Cafe in SS12. Food is ok but cakes are just great. Located just opposite the Grand Dorsett Hotel, it’s a nice chic place with a great balcony view overlooking the streets. More casual romantic if you want to call it that but only the balcony area. Upstairs serves good strong coffee so it’s useful if you need to stay up late to work on something that night. Anyway, it goes without saying that a romantic restaurant only take you to the first base, you gotta hit the homerun yourselves. In the end, it’s all on you dude. Its all you.

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