February 28, 2024

Warung Sinarnor

We made our way to Chan Sow Lin one Sunday morning to check out a popular nasi lemak eatery that has been around for almost half a century. Once we took a bite of their nasi lemak, we realised why they have been able to keep their business thriving and customers loyal for such a long time, Read on to find out why…

Rice cooked the old-fashion way!

All the cooking for nasi lemak at Warung Sinarnor is done over a wood fire, a method that has remained unchanged even after 48 years. Wood imparts a smokey taste to the rice, enhancing the subtle hints of pandan and coconut. They steam it twice, first with water and the second time with santan which also helps to prevent the rice from turning clumpy. With so much going on behind-the-scenes at Sinarnor, it’s no surprise that their scrumptious plates of nasi lemak attract new and loyal patrons to their eatery daily.

Sambal is cooked gently, simmering for 4 hours to allow the ingredients to release their natural sweetness and aromatic properties. It is well balanced, not overly sweet with a mild heat that dissipates after a couple mouthfuls. People come here in droves, pairing the nasi lemak with the variations of lauks available on display. Crowd-pleasers include sambal sotong, rendang daging and ayam masak merah.

So many lauks to choose from…where do you start?

The daging rendang has a reddish tint reminiscent of a rendang minang. Tender pieces of beef absorb the flavours of chillies, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and turmeric leaves infused in gravy, giving it tons of richness and depth

Ayam Masak Merah that tastes like something you get at a kenduri…

The ayam masak merah is a new addition to the menu. When the price of beef skyrocketed in 2015, Sinarnor had to find an alternative dish to replace it temporarily. We’re glad that they did because the ayam masak merah is a killer dish. Fried chicken drenched in a sweet and spicy tomato based sauce, tasty, flavourful and perfect with rice. Along with nasi lemak, you can also enjoy soto and lontong here.

Start your day with this plate of goodness!

If you prefer seafood with your rice, the sambal sotong is a great option. Dried cuttlefish cooked for hours in a thick chunky sambal until soft and succulent.

Sinarnor is an eatery steeped In tradition. They have been around since 1969. Founded by Puan Samsinar, the main branch is now run by her daughter Kamariah and her granddaughter, Al Kurniyawati. Sinarnor has expanded and they have opened at two other locations. One in Kampung Pandan Dalam and one in Cempaka.

Consistency is what makes Sinarnor so successful throughout the years. Maintaining the same way of prepping and cooking since day one, they have continued to prosper, using recipes that have been passed down three generations. With that degree of dedication, we are confident that Sinarnor and their delicious nasi lemak have enough staying power to last for even more years to come.

Sinarnor Nasi Lemak

Light up your life with Sinarnor’s nasi lemak


AddressJalan Dua, Chan Sow Lin, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Open 7am till 12pm, Tue- Sun
Pro A variation of lauks and stellar nasi lemak.
ConsCome early during the weekends because popular lauks finish fast.
Price Range RM5 – RM!0
Certification Muslim Owned

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