December 7, 2023

Mok Teh

We all know that each state has their own way of serving nasi lemak. In Terengganu it’s not with sambal ikan bills but with a meaty sambal ikan tongkol. It also has a drier sambal and trust me it’s good… Mok Teh in Wangsu Maju serves a fantastic east coast nasi lemak and other Terengganu breakfast favourites too.

Simple and wholesome food…

Often when I visit Terengganu, after a nasi dagang fix, I stop by the roadside for a good ‘Ganu Nasi Lemak. This is a small packet of rice, well-seasoned but not too rich served with a chunk of ikan tongkol and sambal. Gosh I love this kind of nasi lemak, so imagine my joy when I found one in Wangsa Maju.

Being a self-confessed Terengganu-phile I am also constantly on the look-out for nasi dagang too. Unfortunately the best ones I’ve had in KL are usually made by someone’s mum. Well, Mok Teh is the next best thing. Food here has a homecooked taste and incidently made by someone’s mum too. That person is Wan Ameer and his lovely mum is Mok Teh.

Mok Teh herself is a jovial lady who is hands-on in the kitchen overseeing everything from the cooking to the wrapping. She’s more than happy to show you her fresh glistening tongkol and lovely broths simmering away.

This relatively new eatery started as a central kitchen for their catering business and then they decided to open the front for breakfast and lunch. It became so popular that they renovated it after a couple of months so their fans will be more comfortable.

It is east coast culture to eat breakfast at a warung. And all the delicious rice dishes here are ready wrapped just like it would be in Terengganu, easy to carry away or unwrap at a table and enjoy.

What I love about the nasi lemak here is that the sambal is drier and not oily. It comes with rice that’s just right in the ‘lemak’ department with crispy ikan bilis, a slice of cucumber and boiled egg. The portion is ideal, enough for breakfast but not too heavy.

The nasi dagang here is pretty awesome too with with a good content of halba. A generous chunk of fish is wrapped up with it and you can get as much kuah as you like which is very savoury and flavourful. For something a little heavier there’s Nasi Hujan Panas which is basically nasi minyak with colourful grains of rice within (hujan panas = rainbow perhaps?)

This comes with either a gulai daging or ayam masak merah. And yes the ayam masak merah here is scrumptious too. Semua sini sedaplah…

They also sell kuihs from time to time like the pulut nyior ikan masin. It’s a ball of pulut served with grated coconut and a chunk of salty fish, rich, sweet and salty all in a bite.

On weekends there is laksam. For lunch they have rice and a few dishes like a curry and sambal belacan. Food here is simple and wholesome. And sometimes that’s all you want.

Mok Teh

Simple and wholesome food…


Address50, Jalan Wangsa Delima 6, Pusat Bandar Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-299 7341
Open 8.30am- 2.30pm (closed Mondays)
Pro Home-cooking that is consistently good
ConsParking is a little gnarly and can get a bit crowded on weekends
Price Range RM3.50- RM5.50
Certification Muslim Owned

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