February 3, 2023

Kak Laily Nasi Ayam Original

Hard to find really good Halal ‘kai fan’ but Kak Laily’s kids and proteges is still doing it right

You know they use good stock for the rice

It’s hard to find halal nasi ayam hawkers that has been serving ‘kai fan’ for a long time, and it is even harder to find one that is Halal. This one is. Laily’s customers are old timers and even kids whom has grown up eating her chicken rice. Nasi Ayam Laily is located at the SS15 Subang Jaya Food Court called the Square. A typical chicken rice here will consist of a plate of roasted chicken, a bowl of chicken broth, a plate of rice with cucumber slices and of course, garlic chili paste for that extra kick. No steamed version but just as good.

They don’t make chicken rice like Kak Laily’s anywhere else. The rice is delicious and flavourful. You can taste the chicken stock in the rice, not too overpoweringl, just right. The tender chicken is glazed slightly with honey and roasted crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. We suspect that the chicken is semi-boiled, semi-roasted and then fried in a huge wok to give it the nice distinctive Laily flavour. On top of the chicken, light soya sauce is poured.

You can even ask for some fried liver and gizzards to go with the chicken

And what else? Chicken feet with the broth. Yup, they have them all. So pour some chili paste on your plate, put in some chicken slices, scoop up some soya sauce to the rice, cut in some sliced cucumbers, mix it all up and in you go… delicious. Order up some kopi ais with that!

Kak Laily Nasi Ayam Original

You know they use good stock for the rice


AddressAt the market along Jalan SS 15/8A, GPS: N3.07454 E101.58765
Open 11am – 3pm
Pro Can always count on the chicken rice here
Price Range RM 15
Certification Muslim Owned

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