March 27, 2023

Salmon Fish Head Curry

I am a fan of fish head curry but always thought it quite difficult to make. In reality fish curries can be one of the easiest curries to cook! This recipe was a combination of instructions from a friend and a recipe we have on the site. It simplifies it but the result is still… utterly delicious. At the moment salmon heads are everywhere and good value too so trust me, this fatty fish goes superbly with our light sour-ish curry. You’ll be thrilled just like me when you discover how easy and fast it is to make.

Fatty salmon is excellent in a sour-ish curry!

Salmon Fish Head Curry

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    1. 5 Tbs oil
    1. 2 tsp mixed halba
    1. 1 stalk curry leaves
    1. 1 ½ packets fish curry powder, about 35g
    1. 5 cloves garlic, pounded
    1. 4 shallots/ 1 red onion, pounded
    1. 2 medium sized salmon head
    1. 2 tomatoes, quartered
    1. 2 tsp asam jawa extra mixed with 1/2 cup water
    1. ½ cup water
    1. 1 cup light santan
    1. ½ tsp salt
    1. 1 tsp sugar
    1. 6-8 ladies fingers



1. In heated oil, put curry leaves and mixed halba, allow to sputter for a while then add garlic, onions and tomatoes.

2. Once fragrant (about 5 minutes) add in curry powder. Stir well. If it looks a little dry add a bit more oil and a bit of the water.

3. Let it simmer until fragrant (5-8 minutes).

4. Add in half of the asam jawa water first. If you like your fish curry sour like me, use all of it. You can always adjust it later if you like it a little more sour.

5. Once ‘naik minyak’, (about 5-8 minutes) add in the fish head.

6. Stir lightly. You don’t want the heads to break up too much.

7. Add in santan and the rest of the water.

8. Add ladies fingers, sliced length-wise. You can boil is separately and add it at the end. We just add it in at this point.

9. Add salt and sugar. Stir so everything is mixed well and taste. Add sugar, salt, asam jawa and a bit more water if needed according to your taste.

10. Let it simmer for another 5 minutes or so and it’s done!


Use curry powder for kari ikan masin for added umphh to your curry. You can of course use Tenggiri head or snapper for this recipe.

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