March 27, 2023

Warung Pak Hassan

Kampung Baru is well known for its delicious stalls that serves some of the best Malay food in Klang Valley. Today we are going to savour one of the nasi lemak stalwarts in Kampung Baru and also enjoy a side of fluffy roti canai…

Nasi Lemak done right!

In Kampung Baru, there are arguably a few household names for nasi lemak, Nasi Lemak Wanjor, Antarabangsa, City Roses and one of our favourites, Pak Hassan. He is right there up on top along with the best of the best and is situated right beside the main road (opposite of Menara DBKL). Pak Hassan is renowned for two of Malaysians’ favourite breakfasts, which are nasi lemak and roti canai

Here you self-serve your nasi lemak, so you can have it the way you want it with your lauk of choice.

Help yourself

They get each plate ready with a banana leaf on top to heighten the aroma and it sure is fragrant. You can smell the pandan leaves that are infused with the rice at this shop. The rice is loose and not clumpy. Imagine it falling on your plate like raindrops, which makes it perfect as a sambal vessel. The sambal is sweet and has a lingering spiciness. The ikan bilis gives a lot of crunchy texture with every bite and it is a nicely salty.

The lauk of choice definitely would be the sambal sotong, which features a sweet sambal with sotong kering. The sotong is well cooked, with a firm bite, not chewy, and not too soft. Done I guess you can say it’s ‘al dente’.

Just by looking at it alone you know it’s going to be delicious

The roti canai is well received as well, as there is a massive queue for it. Try the ‘roti tampal’ which comes with a fried egg ‘tampal’ on top for a protein boost. The roti canai is soft, fluffly with a slightly crunchy texture. However I think the star of the show is the kari kaki ayam (chicken feet curry). The kari is thin, with a subtle curry taste and loaded with ‘kaki ayam’ and chicken meat. There is no restriction to how much kari you want to have.

Have the roti tampal here with free flow curry

Warung Pak Hassan is a family business and much-loved by the people of Kampung Baru. Not only does he serve good food, he is good-natured as well. He does a lot of good work within the community and even occasionally treats his customers to free meals especially during Ramadhan.

There is a bit of a queue during weekends

Warung Pak Hassan is a Finalist for FriedChillies BEST MAKAN AWARDS 2018 in TWO categories! Best Nasi Lemak and Best Roti Canai. Vote for them HERE. Voting will run from the 16th April to 6th May 2018. Undilah for your favourite makan spots and online food media in our PilihanMakan Umum. #makanbestawards #practiceround #pilihanmakanumum

Warung Pak Hassan

Nasi Lemak done right!


Address31, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kampung Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 017 – 223 7178
Open 7am – 1pm
Pro Consistently good nasi lemak and roti canai with unlimited kari kaki ayam!
ConsParking and tables may prove difficult but hey… it’s Kampung Baru
Price Range RM1 – RM10
ParkingOnly on a Tree
Certification Muslim Owned

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