December 7, 2023
Chinese Dessert

Yik Mun Pau – Fluffy Steamed Pau with Tasty Fillings Since 1926

Yik Mun has been around since 1926 serving some of Malaysia’s best loved steamed pau’s. Those lovely soft steamed buns, the tasty fillings… and that first bite that you hope hits the pau filing… it’s happiness in a bun. At Yik Mun, our favourites are the Chicken Curry, Kaya, Red Bean and Beef. Yes, we love all of them.

They don’t skimp on their pau fillings

What makes Yik Mun different from the rest? They still use the same recipe from way back one hundred years ago. We love the fact that they use high quality flour and back in their kitchen, Yik Mun treats the flour using a secret technique. This makes their pau soft to the bite. They also don’t skimp on the meats used in the filling or as we say,  they “letak daging lebih”. This means Yik Mun doesn’t substitute the meat with the cheaper cuts of fat. We heard that even the red beans are imported and they make their own kaya too. Homemade!

Mr. Kok Jeng Yong is the grandson of Yik Mun & 3rd generation business owner
Yik Mun Pau’s are Steamed & Kept Fresh in This Special Steamer
Fluffy Pau's on YikMun's Steamer Trays. Taken Out only When You Order.
Fluffy Pau’s on Yik Mun’s Steamer Trays. Taken Out only When You Order.

Dim Sum is something they started five years ago and it has taken off very well especially the chicken siew mai and otak-otak siew mai. Their version is Hainanese in which they use only wheat flour to make the dim sums. The chicken siew mai is quite tasty but as with dim sum’s you need to have it whilst it’s hot. A good pair with the steamed pau’s.

Dim Sum anyone? These are juicy ones are fresh out from the steamers.

We all know their Tanjung Malim original location, but three years ago Yik Mun opened up at the PLUS R&R Rawang as well, to be closer to their customers travelling up north. According to Mr Kok, opening up there was a great move because the strategic & operational training given by PLUS opened them up to better ways of doing business.

Look Out For the R&R Stop for Rawang Northbound

Although business has been down 70% since the pandemic, he still persevered because this legacy has been passed down to him through the generations. Mr Kok late grandfather’s advice to always save for a rainy day proved a saviour in this crisis. In addition, Yik Mun is a family business with family values. His seven staff depends on him for their livelihood and they have been loyal to his business since they opened at Rawang. The business has to survive. Salaries were not cut and whatever profit he gets, it gets shared with his employees too.

Yik Mun’s Red Bean Pau using Imported High Quality Beans

We come to Yik Mun for three things. Steamed pau, dim sum and their local coffee. Tip : To find out the pau filling, it’s written on the bottom label. The coffee beans are still made using the same blend and ingredients from the olden days. Love their version of white coffee. It has a nice local roast kick to it yet creamy, wait a couple of minutes and the caffeine kicks in. A great pair with the fluffy pau’s especially the meat curried ones. We also found a secret. They have now successfully bottled their white coffee in a lovely glass bottle that can put some of the international franchises to shame.

In support of your local food business, make a quick stop at Yik Mun to quickly grab some tasty pau and ice cold coffee to go. Get some caffeine and fluffy soft buns to perk up your drive along the highway. Or take home some frozen pau too. Reheating tip : wet the pau skin a bit, cover to keep steam in and zap in microwave for 20 secs. Yik Mun gets our seal of approval!

Tip : Takeaway some Steamed Pau & Ice Cold Coffee to enjoy Your Journey Better

The pandemic has devastated many small businesses. FriedChillies is urgently collaborating with PLUS to highlight FIVE great eats that we love along the North South Expressway and the food heroes behind these tasty dishes.  One purchase may be small but the impact goes not only to the owner but also stall workers, delivery guy & continues to their local suppliers and others that depend on them. Small businesses, if they close… they are gone forever. You will never get a chance to eat their food ever again.

Yik Mun Pau R&R Rawang

Fluffy & soft steamed buns, tasty fillings with good meat ratio.


AddressYik Mun Pau, Stall No. 8, Rawang R&R Northbound, Rawang Selangor
Open 8am to 8pm daily
Pro Tasty & they don’t skimp on the pau fillings
ConsSlightly premium pricing but great value due to the generous filling
Price Range RM2.80 – RM30
Certification Halal

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