February 3, 2023

Nasi Ayam Mash

Fans of chicken rice especially the crispy kind, make your way to Keramat. Nasi Ayam Mash pairs fluffy yellow rice with extra crispy chicken and it has been consistent for over 40 years!

Extra crispy chicken you will gladly queue for…

I don’t often recommend a Malay-style chicken rice, preferring the Chinese version more but well I make an exception for Nasi Ayam Mash. When I asked a Keramat boy why this chicken rice is on everyone’s list he just said simply, “ayamnya garing semacam, sedap giler”.

And indeed the chicken is crispy. As the server cuts it rapidly, you can hear the crunch and already imagine it in your mouth. You know the kind where the crispy skin releases flavour in a burst of good fat that melts as you chew. It’s still pretty juicy inside and with their fluffy yellow rice that is reminiscent of nasi minyak, damn. It is delicious. It’s that simple.

Eat it all together with soya sauce, soup and their homemade sweet-ish chilli that’s in a container on the tables so you can douse any amount you want on your plate. But really you can pretty much just munch the chicken on it’s own.

Nasi Ayam Mash (the nickname of owner Masri Dahalan) has been around since the early 80s. They only sell nasi ayam, true to the adage of genuine artisans that just spend years and years perfecting the ONE dish. The original recipe was from his mum and he tweaked it to what it is today. Even though there can be long lines outside his modest eatery (especially on Fridays), he likes to keep his business small and manageable.

Many of the regulars here have become friends and all keep coming back. Here’s a tip, try get the rice early or when a new batch is brought in. The rice on top is extra fluffy, because the lower you go, the rice gets more compact from endless dishing out. You heard it hear folks- optimum enjoyment.

Seriously my mouth is watering just writing this.

Nasi Ayam Mash

Extra crispy chicken you will gladly queue for…


Address52, Jalan Keramat, Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur (opposite the Al-Akram Mosque in Datuk Keramat)
Tel: 016-682 0986 (you can actually call to order)
Open 10am – 5.30pm
Pro Consistent and efficient service
ConsQueues can be long and parking a challenge.
Price Range RM5 – RM7
Certification Muslim Owned

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