December 7, 2023

Nasi Lemak Lori – Setiawangsa Best Kept Nasi Lemak Secret

This Nasi Lemak Lori is one of Setiawangsa’s best kept secrets. They’ve been a go to dinner and supper spot for almost 10 years! Light and fluffy Nasi Lemak and their homemade Sambal is a stuff of legends! Trust me, korang kena check this place out.

Sambal Dia Power Dowh!

Abang Hisham begun his Nasi Lemak affair with his foster family back in Melaka. Learning the A to Z of Nasi Lemak making, especially the Sambal, he made sure all his ingredients are fresh and handmade. Yes, he makes the cili giling himself and only hand cut and deseeded Cili Kering is used to give it that nose-flaring heat in every bite!

The Nasi Lemak is pretty straight forward. Abang Hisham uses the same recipe his foster mom did and didn’t change a thing. It’s creamy but light, you can even rasa the ginger which helps you potong the rasa lemak so you tambah more!

Bukan Nasi Lemak lah if tak makan with Ayam Goreng right? Here at Nasi Lemak Lori, they make it with 10 different spices! All goreng batch by batch, so every order you get panas one each time! Crispy skin and the isi is juicy gila, makan sekali with the Nasi fuhhh syahdu rasa dia. So this is a must try!

Sambal Sotong here also power! Made from the original Sambal for the Nasi Lemak but ada secret ingredient to make it more sweet and ngam with the taste of sotong itself. It’s always fresh and soft, you can’t get enough of it.

Nasi Lemak Lori Setiawangsa

Sambal Dia Power Dowh!


AddressKeramat Permai Business Centre, Jalan AU 1a/4d, AU1 54200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: –
Open 7.00PM – 12.00AM
Pro Handmade Sambal from scratch
ConsThe lauk cepat habis, come early!
Price Range RM2.50 – RM10.00
Certification Muslim Owned

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