March 27, 2023

Selangor Mansion

Fancy a breakfast of champions? Then head on to Selangor Mansion that has become famous for their roti doused in gravy with two soft boiled eggs on top. Best thing? They are open 24 hours so you… can… eat… this… anytime…

Roti Banjir Goyang satu!

I like anything that has eggs on top EVEN BETTER if it’s soft boiled egg. And this needs to be done well. The white needs to be opaque, not too solid and not too runny. However the true test is the yolk needs to slip out as soon as you cut it- the awesome ‘banjir’ effect.

Now I am not particularly a fan of roti banjir, I usually like my roti separate, crisp with kuah kat tepi. But… but…

This one is perfect together, they somehow managed not to have the roti too soggy, they need to have a good sambar (dhal curry)- it has to be nicely thick and velvety. It’s all about balance my friends. The sambal here is a Malay-style, sweet and spicy with a kick.

Put that all together on a plate! Owh man… this place is 24 hours so you need to eat the roti banjir… because they already have a pile of roti all ready- it’s a firm roti to be able to withstand all the kuah. And the key here is that the curry is hot. So they banjir it up and put two perfectly soft-boiled egg on top. Runny yolk merging in the kuah with the chewy roti underneath- seriously it will put a grin on your chin.

You can of course order a roti fresh and it’s pretty good and they have all the usual roti telur extra… you can also go a bit crazy and order up tosei goyang too- why not?

Teh tarik here is also good- a tad sweet but homagad! Goes superbly well with the roti banjir.

Selangor Mansion

Roti Banjir Goyang satu!


AddressGround Floor, Lorong Bunus Satu, off Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur
Open 24 hours
Pro Opens 24 hours
ConsCan get pretty packed, grab a chair at the mess table and make some new friends!
Price Range RM3- RM5
Certification Muslim Owned

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