March 27, 2023

Nasi Lemak Bumbung

This alleyway is packed at night with people deep in their nasi lemak. Their specialty… a fried chicken with a golden crust. At night, its also a great place for people watching.

Late night nasi lemak haunt

What would drive people to dine in a back alley in SS2? Nasi lemak and piping hot fried chicken, of course! At Nasi Lemak Bumbung, look around and you’ll see waiters scurrying about carrying trays of nasi lemak, delivering them to tables upon tables of hungry patrons. The fried chicken is the main attraction, marinated in a bevy of spices, fried till golden, a great accompaniment to the subtly flavoured coconut rice.

Even the rice is done extremely well, cooked just right, with the taste and texture spot on. Rice is not clumpy and it has a mild hint of coconut, simple yet delicious.

The sambal is sweet with just a tinge of heat, I always ask for extra sambal because they can be a bit stingy with their sambal portion. Each plate also comes with a bulls eye egg, if you’re lucky you get a runny yolk, which I love to mix into the rice, that yolk+sambal+rice+chicken combo is totally awesome, a wonderful medley of deliciousness.

Nasi Lemak is their utltimate money maker, but the Maggi goreng sold here is also a decent choice. The noodles are springy and not overly seasoned, it’s a sinful supper snack but when you got those cravings, they just hit the right spot.

Service here is extremely brisk, food is good and prices are reasonable. Ironically, there’s no ‘bumbung’ or roof over the dining space, the name of the place actually comes from the ‘bumbung’ over the prep area. If alleyway dining doesn’t put you off, come here, take a gander and dine under the stars.

The alleys are clean, I promise.

Nasi Lemak Bumbung

Late night nasi lemak haunt


AddressNasi Lemak Bumbung @ Sea Park, Jalan 21/11b, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 016 4939204
Open 5.30 pm – 4 am, Mon to Sat, 5.30 pm – 12 am, Sun. Closed on Fridays
Pro Good food, affordable prices, brisk service
ConsTables are arranged quite close to each other, outdoor dining not ideal if it rains
Price Range RM15 for 2
Certification Muslim Owned

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