July 25, 2021
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Top 5 Cookies for Raya

Running out of ideas on what cookies to make for Aidilfitri? Browse through our top 5 picks for some inspiration.

Try these tasty recipes for Raya

Just a couple of days before Raya and your cookie jars lay empty, you’re overwhelmed with choices, you want something homemade but which ones should you make? Don’t fret, we have narrowed it down for you, 5 fail-safe recipes for cookies that will surely win you compliments this Aidilfitri.

Frambozen Kenari

The non-traditional Raya Cookie, Frambozen Kenari combines shortbread, meringue and jam to create scrumptious slices of crumbly goodness. The different layers provide a variation of textures and flavours.Tartness from the jam balances out the sweet meringue topping and buttery shortbread base, while nuts add some extra crunch. Make them this festive season.

Honey Cornflakes Cookies

If you’re strapped for time, Honey Cornflakes are so easy and fast to make. Customise it with whatever nuts or dried fruit that you have in the pantry. It is so simple that even novice bakers can try their hand in making them. Whip up a batch for Raya.

M&M Cookies

Tired of chocolate chip cookies? Make M&M Cookies instead. The colourful candies are a wonderful substitute for the usual chocolate chips. Kids would gobble these up in seconds, just see how fast they disappear from the cookie jar! Bake them today.

Hazelnut Rosettes

Ground hazelnuts give these rosettes a nutty flavour and a crumbly texture. Garnished with chocolate chips, they’re both pretty and delicious.These are a great addition to your cookie repertoire. Make some for Aidilfitri.

Thumbprint Cookies

Impress your guests with Thumbprint Cookies this Raya. Fill them with your favourite jam or use different ones to create different coloured fillings. These sweet treats are super easy to make and so yummy to eat. Serve them at your Raya Open House!

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