December 7, 2023
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FriedChillies Fav 5 Pasar Ramadhan in Klang Valley

One of the reasons why we love celebrating Ramadhan in KL is because the choices are infinite and most of them are homemade, that is the best part! Can’t we just have Pasar Ramadhan all year long?

KL, KL Big City of Food!

Ramadhan datang lagi! Are you scouring all over KL & PJ for what else? Pasar Ramadhan lah and probably gained a few kgs along the way. Some of these places are our old favourites and the others are awesome new discoveries. So here are our “historical” Top 5 Pasar Ramadhan in Kuala Lumpur and hopefully this year, they remain awesome.

1. Pasar Ramadhan Jalan Kuching

We came across this Pasar Ramadhan by accident actually, as I was driving home and passed by this “boleh tahan panjang” Pasar Ramadhan right in front of the Flat Jalan Kuching and Iwe just “gotta check this out”.

The first thing we noticed about this Pasar is they have tons of varieties and it’s hard for you to find two stall that sells the same thing which is great! Be on the lookout for the Deep Fried Baby Crab, it’s exactly like the soft shell version but better and you just won’t muching on these babies. Don’t forget to “cari” the long que for the Popia Goreng stall, you’ll get them piping and smothered in their handmade Chili Sauce! Go and check Pasar Ramadhan Jalan Kuching, penat sikit jalan but it is worth it.

2. Pasar Ramadhan Melawati

Sapa pernah dengar about the Great Big Pasar Taman Melawati? Angkat tangan! Well it’s not that big anymore but it is still great! One of us grew up going this Pasar every Ramadhan, up to a point where it got so big it’s just ridiculous but now they have moved to a smaller location with some of the old vendors that sells awesome Ramadhan food.

Some of the things you should try is the Charcoal Oven Top Kuih Akok, it is heavenly! The fact that it is still cooked in a traditional way is a bonus, plus you can really taste egg’s freshness in the Akok. We also came across the old Tepung Pelita stall as well and the que is long as usual but rugi if tak beli because they still make it the same way they have back in the early 80’s, the traditional way in a wooden frame and steamed with coconut husk which it gives it that slight smokiness. Don’t worry they also have savoury stuff here as well, head on to the Ayam Bakar Tempayan stall and try the moist juicy chicken that’s been marinated and slowly baked in this huge clay tempayan! In general if you haven’t been to Pasar Ramadhan Melawati, you’re missing out!

3. Pasar Ramadhan TTDI

Pasar Ramadhan TTDI is known for two things awesome choice of food and for being one of the most expensive Pasar Ramadhan in KL but we can’t deny that deep down we still look forward to it every year kan?

We went straight to the stalls that I know is gonna be really good, first stop is always the Murtabak stall. The line can be unforgiving but once you popped that piece of savoury and hearty Murtabak, you’ll know why people lined up for it even in the rain. If you’re looking for some dessert then look for this Putu Bamboo stall, they’re very generous with their filling and it is too good! If that is not enough then check out the Tepung Pelita Paya Jaras stall, you know that’s a win right there.

4. Pasar Ramadhan Taman Dato’ Harun

With more than a hundred stalls, Pasar Ramadhan Taman Dato’ Harun is a force to be reckoned with on weekdays, so I suggest you make it into a weekend thing so you’ll be more relaxed and not rush.

You’ll be spoiled with choices here, they just go on and on even I got tired at one point. If you’re craving for something bready and hearty, try the Murtabak over here at the Pasar Ramadhan. They’re very generous with the “inti” and it’s not just with the egg even with the meat. Stop by one of the “Air Jus” stall and get yourself a bag of freshly blend “Jus Tembikai”, perfect thirst quencher for Buka.

5. Pasar Ramadhan Putrajaya

It’s quite big to be honest but it’s not too crowded. Just enough space for you to walk and check out your food comfortably.

The first thing we saw was the Nasi Lemak Bamboo Ayam, it’s literally Nasi Lemak cooked in a bamboo and it even comes with a piece of juicy Ayam Goreng Berempah. Rugi kalau tak try this one. We also found Bergetof. Which is a Tauhu Goreng stuffed with Bergedel and it is super good, the herb and spices from the Bergedel plays well with the Tauhu Goreng. Don’t know if they have it this year.

These are the Pasar Ramadhan in KL that we’ve managed go through and loved every single one. They have a character of their own, make sure you foodies out there go and eat your way through this years Pasar Ramadhan in Kuala Lumpur & PJ.

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