December 7, 2023
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The Best 5 Burgers for Food Lovers in KL & PJ

Calling all burger lovers & ieatBurger fans! This the food lovers list of the BEST 5 Burgers in KL & PJ compiled by people who love to eat burgers at FriedChillies. On June 25… for one day only, all these 5 burger heroes will be converging in ONE location selling their burgers just for you

” The people who eat here know what the good stuff really taste like”

Introducing the BEST FIVE Street & Gourmet Burgers in KL & PJ… (in no particular order) :

1. SeventyThirty, SS17 Subang Jaya.
Arguably started Malaysia’s very own streetside smash burger, Bob started beside Petron SS17 Subang Jaya in 2018. Before that, Bob was running another beef joint called Bob’s Republic so he is no stranger to gourmet street burgers.

We absolutely love the Classic Cheeseburger, Double O Boo & Preetiest Star at Seventy Thirty. Nicely smashed with a fair amount of Mailard Reaction, they get tasty crispy spots on the burgers which we like.

2. Brader John, TTDI/Bandar Utama
Nobody makes a better Ramly Burger than Brader John. Some of use tasters were not even born yet when he started flipping Ramly’s 30+ years ago. Thats right! Regulars know that his MasterBurger is a Masterpiece. Don’t believe us! Come try his Masterburger and realise that all the Ramlies you’ve eaten in the past is a Padwan compared to this Jedi.

Two things puts Brader John in this list and its due to his Masterburger. One : He is an expert in the butterfly method to grill his patties where the patty is cut almost in half. Patties are grilled to perfection. Two : His blend of secret sauces that is sandwiched into his patties, with a dollop of mustard on top. He knows how to make your mouth dance with flavours.

3. BurgerBros, Melawati/TTDI
It took us awhile to come and visit Arieff’s burger joint in TTDI as he does WAGYU version of a street gourmet burger. Who does this? Destroying a perfectly good beef cut. It’s like having “Crispy Chicken Rendang” by John Torode! But NOOOO… Arieff & Din does real justice to this piece of lovely cut and at a price affordable to all burger lovers. A real artisan & flipping burgers is not even is his real job.

Burgerbros made this list because they really know how to make wagyu burger taste good. Its a bit greasy but we like it. Why? Because when the oil is released from the burger, they carefully scoop it back up.. and return the juices back to the burger. Respect!

4. Bones Burger, TTDI
Remember SixtyBites in TTDI? Whatever happened to this once famous viral burger joint? We don’t know but Lan who used to flip burgers for them showed up at the same location with Bones Burger written on it, and it tastes just like SixtyB! If it walks a duck, and quacks like a duck.. well yeahhh!!!! We miss you Lan! Welcome back whatever the name is now!

Why are they in the list? This is… a better burger than SixtyB. It’s just a simple handmade gourmet street burger made by someone who loves to make burgers. Grilled like its home. And the caramelised onion jam is oh.. so …good! You don’t need anything else really.

5. Signature Kaw Kaw x Stiq, Bandar Utama
A true pioneer of streetside gourmet burgers. This is the Father of Malaysian Street Gourment. Zul started it all in 2011 where at the peak of Street Burger Bakar, a particular sauce produced by a huge food manufacturer used by all the burger bakar sellers were sold out at PEAK production.

Its the Baconizer that kicks Kaw Kaw into this list! It’s like their “Big Mac”. Huge, sloppy, laden with cheese, grilled medium and comes with several beef bacon slices sticking out of the burger. A great taste of flavours in one bite.

So that’s our BEST 5 Burger list for Food Lovers in KL & PJ!

This is a food lovers event made by food lovers for food lovers. Some of these burgers, I bet you probably not have heard before. They are not “viral”, have their own steady stream of regulars & their customers to who eat there know what “the good stuff” really taste like.

Want some? Taste “the good stuff” this Saturday… details are below. We are part of the TEMU Weekends x Night Nomad Market KL event!

Event : FriedChillies Makan Best Series : Part 2 Burgers!
Date & Time: Saturday Only, 25 June 2022 : 5pm – 11pm
Venue : TEMU Weekends x Night Nomad Market KL, Muzium Telekom, KL
More Info about future FMBS 2022 food events in June – July 2022.

Food lovers! Come & bring all your friends & family this Sat weekend. Have an out of this world burger experience available for one day only this year! To our #ieatBurger fans.. we are back & we miss you all! It’s about time. A big thanks to Yayasan TM & Muzium Telekom for this too!

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