December 7, 2023
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Always in a rush? Why not take a break and stop by PLUS R&R to taste 17 Signature Bites + Menu Rahmah

Whether you’re travelling balik kampung, stopping by for dinner or buying tapau for family after work, you are in for a treat. From signature dishes of the famous Bapak Briyani to the nostalgic Yik Mun Pau, we’ve scoured 7 R&R locations to bring you 17 must-try dishes. But this time, we uncovered hidden gems in some of the Menu Rahmah meals too. You’d be surprised at what we found out!

” PLUS R&R : Your New Go-To for Local Eats “

With so many stalls to choose from, where do you start? Don’t worry. Follow our tested recommendations below for key signature dishes + menu rahmah that is surprisingly tasty. Yes, some of them are wallet friendly RM5! We like!

Let’s try R&R Rawang Northbound

Hot Kambing (Stall 7) : This is their Menu Rahmah meal. They do  oven-baked chicken glazed with their secret BBQ sauce and served with white rice and salads, which is a bit of east-meets-west recipe at RM5 only. We recommend the curried soup instead of the clear broth to enhance the taste. Trust us, it’s delicious! Even more delicious? Their “kambing” version if you love it. Go for both!

Rasa Ayam Kampung Café (Stall 9): A must-visit for anyone looking for an excellent bowl of bihun sup ayam. They have a menu rahmah version but a normal version is bigger & fuller. The chicken they use is tasty, almost like ayam kampung, giving the meal fantastic flavors. The chili kicap condiment also takes it to the next level. Don’t forget that little sambal kicap!

Yik Mun (Stall 8) : What makes Yik Mun different from the rest? They still use the same recipe from way back one hundred years ago. We love the fact that they use high quality flour and back in their kitchen, Yik Mun treats the flour using a secret technique. This makes their pau soft to the bite. They also don’t skimp on the meats used in the filling or as we say,  they “letak daging lebih”.

Nasi Kandar Dhiya Maju (Stall 2): If you’re craving Nasi Kandar, this is the place. The simple rice with a load of curry poured on top, sayur kobis & mamak fried chicken is perfect for anyone who loves curried dishes. Now, their Nasi + curry + vegetables + ayam goreng mamak for RM5? Wow! But only during Menu Rahmah timing tau!

Next… R&R Dengkil Southbound!

Nasi Ayam Elite (Stall 10) :  A must-visit. This little shop serves up some seriously delicious chicken rice. Their roast chicken are sliced, tender and tasty for RM5 bucks. It’s definitely a dish that will have you coming back for more. They have Duck Rice that’s going for RM11. In fact, we came back another day just to tapau this duck rice. Luckily it’s near our office in Cyberjaya.

Selera Daun Pisang (Stall 12) : Love rendang? Their chicken rendang with taugeh and white rice is a dish that is bursting with flavours. The rendang is rich, tasty and aromatic. The taugeh adds a nice crunch to the dish, while the white rice helps to balance out the flavors. Try their other lauks as well. Homemade taste!

Nasi Lemak Kukus CT (Stall 6) : A dish that powers Malaysians is nasi lemak, of course! Steamed coconut rice with half an egg & cucumber slices. Here at CT, they to do a fried chicken version for RM5 for a limited time only. Now, that’s a steal & bargain food lovers are looking for. And it’s delish too!

Sizzling King (Stall 8) : For a sizzling and savory meal, sizzle over here with their sizzling yee mee. A crowd-pleaser that is perfect for those who love this sort of thing. The yee mee is flame cooked to sizzling perfection in a flavorful black sauce and served with selections such as chicken, egg & mushrooms. Now their menu rahmah comes with sliced crabsticks on the side. Suitable for kids.

Ulu Bernam Southbound? What’s there?

D’Famous Zul Mee Kari (Stall 8) : Hidden Mee Kari thats tasty! It’s loaded to the brim with cockles, fucuk, fried tauhu, sliced aubergine, cut chillies, half a lime, cut ladies finger & to top it all off…a piece of ayam goreng fried in Zul’s style. The yellow noodles are the first to go in the bowl but you can hardly see it because of all the goodies stacked to the top of it. Must stop!

R&R Tapah Southbound has always been a top spot for travellers

Nasi Campur & Mee Bakso (Stall 7) : One of our favourites. This dish features Nasi Putih with Sup Daging, sliced beef in hot beef soup, taugeh & garnished with daun bawang. The flavors are just fantastic, clear soup broth flavorful. We absolutely love this beef soup bowl! Shown here is their Menu Rahmah version. Could their normal version be better and tastier? You bet!

Sizzling & Yong Tau Foo (Stall 3) : If you’re looking for a tasty and filling meal, this is a must-visit. Their instant noodle, fish ball, sliced sausages with yong tau foo soup. This dish can also be a hit with the kids. Need more variety? Take your pick from the display counter! Tip : Try the sambal kicap & bawang goreng condiment to level up the flavors. Fuh!!!

Express Stall (Stall 6) :   For a simple yet delicious meal, we recommend their Nasi Putih Sup Bebola Ikan. The rice is flavored with chicken stock and doused with sesame oil and daun bawang. The taugeh fishball soup is also quite tasty. Don’t forget to add the cili padi kicap and chili sauce to make the flavours pop! They have chicken rice on the menu that is tasty too.

Next we go to R&R Seremban Northbound!

Anugerah (Stall 3): An excellent option if you’re in the mood for Yellow Noodles Sup Ayam, especially on a rainy day. The simple yellow noodles with chicken slices poured into chicken broth with daun sup, daun bawang and taugeh as garnish is a delightful dish that you won’t regret trying. They have a Menu Rahmah offering at RM5 too. Nice!

Belanga (Stall 5) : The cook in Belanga has an excellent “air tangan” that a simple meal of white rice, fried chicken with a Malay version of curry & sayur kobis can be flavourful. Slurpp! We highly recommend trying this masakan kampung out if you’re here. Believe it or not, below is their RM5 Menu Rahmah meal. Memang “sedap & berbaloi”. But food lovers like us, will tambah a bit more lauk on it, right?

At R&R Gunung Semanggol Southbound, try…

A joy to eat this Sambal ikan keli

Senuym Sokmo (Stall 7) : Ikan keli fans will love Kak Ina’s masak cili. Just a simple fried catfish cooked in sambal, but it’s tasty. Nice crunch, well fried and gives your tastebuds a bit of chili kick to the dish. We had it with a side of fried ladies finger (They have both masak cili & masak lemak ikan keli versions). The kurma kambing is also worth stopping by here.

Last but not least… R&R Pagoh Southbound

Bumbu Kito (Stall 10) : We love that Bumbo Kito’s Signature Nasi Ambeng dish comes wrapped in a banana leaf lining. And yes, below are all the food combinations required to qualify the dish as Nasi Ambeng. White rice, dried salted fish, serunding kelapa, sambal goreng Jawa, fried noodles (mee goreng), one piece of fried/spiced chicken & more. Their secret dish? Daging Ungkep made wth homemade kerisik! A must have!

Bapak Briyani (Stall 9) : This is a Malay styled briyani rice. It’s cooked with lighter spices than their indian counterparts. So it’s more like nasi minyak and sweeter in taste. Diving straight into their briyani kambing, the thick gravy is tasty and not too overpowering in “kambing” taste which we absolutely love. Such a good balance. The basmathi rice is cooked with fresh ingredients and we happily detect minyak sapi (ghee) being used in their rice. This expensive ingredient is way better than oil and gives a better flavour heft & taste to the rice. 

Wow! We had a tasty & also wallet friendly experience eating at the R&R’s. Our Top 5 picks so far? Bumbo Kito in Pagoh, D’Famous Zul Mee Kari in Ulu Bernam, the Sup Daging at Nasi Campur & Mee Bakso in Tapah, Nasi Putih Ayam Goreng at Belanga in Seremban & Chicken Rice at Nasi Ayam Elite in Dengkil. Next time you food lovers are on a road trip, back from work or tapau’ing some food… stop by & try our recommendations. Your taste buds & wallet will thank you!

p/s: Menu Rahmah at PLUS is available in limited runs only from 12pm to 2pm; and continues from 7-9pm everyday until 31 May 2023 (for now).

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