February 27, 2024

Top 5 Kambing Places to Try (2017)

We’re rounding up our favorite places to enjoy the other red meat. We sampled different eateries with different variations on lamb dishes. Here are some places for you to get your ‘kambing’ fix.

” Kambing, kambing, kambing… “

We know that are loads of ‘kambing’ fans out there. The sheer mention of it makes us bleat with joy, so it’s with great pleasure that we present some eateries that serve up delicious ‘kambing’ dishes from barbecue and soups to pizzas and free-flow buffets.

1894 By Sajian Kak Zu

1894 serves good old kambing golek that we Malaysians love. A whole lamb imported from Australia is marinated for a whole night and barbecued for hours. They also put their own twist by serving their meat with pineapple fried rice and calling it Jalan Meru (that’s where their shop is). The meat is juicy and tender, and compliments the rice well.

A star here is the Sup Kambing. They use bones from the kambing golek to make a spiced sup. Imagine flavourful lamb bones after hours of marination and cooking. The flavour just pops with every spoonful.

Location: Lot 1894, Persiaran Hamzah Alang, Meru

Kambing Bakar Ampang

The owner, Caon is truly an inspiration. With no knowledge nor background in cooking, he opens a restaurant based on his passion and love for lamb on his own This passion translates into his dishes beautifully. He utilises a magic pan to cook the meat tenderising it down until it’s soft and delectable.

Caon even concocts his own sauce to go with his lamb. The sauce is reminiscent of a Malay style sambal kicap that is dubbed as sambal berhantu. The name is given by his customers who can’t stop thinking about the sauce once they’ve eaten here. The sauce is a refreshing take from the more common black pepper or mint sauce that is usually served with lamb.

Location: Medan Selera Taman Kosas, Ampang

My Turkish House

This particular eatery stood out because of its pizza sampan, which is their take on the Turkish dish, Pide. Every part of the dish is made from scratch, even the pizza dough. You can choose between chicken, beef, and lamb but who are we kidding, of course lamb is what you should have here. The pizza dough is thin but it still has a chewy texture that we still love. The filling is topped with mozzarella, cheesy sauce and chilli sauce.

They even use the same dough to make bread for their shawarma. You can choose between lamb or chicken filling, and they have a great garlic sauce to go with it.

Location: Medan Selera Pandan Jaya, KL

ONR Sup Gearbox

Although this place is named after a whole different animal and part, we love the Sup Rusuk Kambing here. Ribs are well known to be the most flavourful part of the lamb, so you can imagine how delicious this soup is. The soup sits right in the middle, between a Malay-style and a Mamak-style soup. It’s not too spicy but has lovely ‘rempah’ undertones.

Imagine a cold rainy day and slurping down a bowl of this….oh yeah that’s the stuff right there. Have it with the sambal kicap that takes it to the next level.You can have it as is, or eat it with a plate of rice and ‘telur dadar’,

Location: Jalan Taman Melawati, Taman Melawati, KL

Ngences Giga

Do you always wish that you have more meat and not blow a hole in your budget? Well head over to Ngences Giga for an unlimited amount of meat. The lamb is served in 4 different types of marination for you to choose from. Their signature dish is the Black Pearl. The taste leans more towards a black pepper, but with some sweetness and saltiness within that we can’t quite put out finger on. Nevertheless, the meat is juicy, and the marination does well to compliment it. Best part, it’s free-flow baby!

Location: 21, Jalan 24/56, taman setiawangsa, DUKE, Setiawangsa, KL

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