December 7, 2023

Top 7: Shah Alam Makan Spots

KL doesn’t have all the best eating spots. Here are our favourites from Shah Alam.

Something for everyone in Shah Alam!

Shah Alam is perhaps the unsung hero of foodie towns. People mention KL, PJ, Subang and even TTDI a lot when they talk about great eating towns or cities but seldom is Shah Alam mentioned. But in actual fact, Shah Alam is bursting with great cafes, stalls and restaurants. There’s something for everyone so here is our favourite makan spots in Shah Alam, the City of Orchids.

For The Nasi Lemak Connoiseur: Nasi Lemak Pak Ayob

Nasi Lemak Pak Ayob is an institution in Shah Alam and it’s easy to see why. People line up early in the morning for a taste of their delicious coconut rice, wonderfully scented with pandan. But it’s the sambal that’s killer: a rich, spicy and sweet concoction that is absolutely divine.

For The Char Kuey Teow Enthusiast: Panmour Villa

Looking at Panmour Villa, a budget hotel with a bustling cafe downstairs, you wouldn’t think it’d be a good spot to have a really delicious Penang-style char kuey teow. But boy do they have one. It’s smoky, spicy and is packed with wok hei. Loads of cockles round up what is arguably one of the best CKT in the city. It’s cheap too: last time I checked it was around RM4.50 (but er, disclaimer: prices might have gone up!)

For The Nasi Campur Fanatic: Restoran Azira

Restoran Azira is now 30 odd years old and is still going mighty strong. Authentic, home-style Johorean cuisine is the order of the day. If you love nasi campur, then you’re in for a treat. Choose various gulais and asam pedas, kerabus and stir fries. They do a killer Laksa Johor and plenty of traditional kuih too. Can’t choose? Have them all!

For The Chicken Rice Devotee: Kopitiam Chicken Rice Guys

Kopitiam Chicken Rice Guys is a family run place in Section 7. Their schtick is authentic and halal Hainanese style chicken rice that lives up to their lofty claims. The rice is savoury and the chicken – both steamed and roasted – are juicy and packed with flavour. But the sleeper hit here is their nasi lemak which they awesomely serve with ITIK GORENG BEREMPAH. Also check out the Mee Udang and Penang White Curry Noodles. This is a cafe with more hits than misses.

For Those Who Like To Eat With a View: Kedai Kopi

Situated at the Shah Alam lake gardens, Kedai Kopi serves casual local and Western favourites in a relaxing and peaceful setting. The food is pretty darn good too: try their flagship hearty and delicious Shah Alam Beef Kuey Teow and if you like Western dishes, definitely go for their juicy and yummy Chicken Chop. Enjoy it all in a nice restaurant which is perfect for dates or cozy family lunches and dinners.

For The Perfect Evening Tea Snack: Goreng Pisang Taman TTDI Jaya

This little stall – since upgraded – serves some of the most delicious fried bananas we’ve ever tried. They’re crunchy and crispy on the outside with a craggly crust, and the inside is sticky and gooey and sweet. It’s almost like banana-flavoured toffee, and is absolutely perfect with a cup of hot teh-o.

For Those Who Want To Cool Down: Fradoo ABC Special

What can we say? Most of the time Malaysia is a hot and humid country. If you’re feeling a bit woozy from the heat and happen to be in Shah Alam, do seek out Fradoo ABC Special. Their colourful concoctions come with a huge range of toppings and are just perfect to beat the heat. Cheap as chips too.

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