September 25, 2023
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The Plaza Damas Lunchcrawl

Plaza Damas is one of those Malls that is literally covered with awesome hidden weekday lunch spots. Other than the usual fancy cafes and restaurants, we’ve found a few of Plaza Damas “Wajib Try” places.

Plaza Damas Hidden Lunch Spots

We’re back again solving your Monday Makan Blues, we all have been there when the clock slowly approach the lunch hour and that one guy in the cubicle right behind you will shout “Eh Lunch Mana?”. Rescuing you from cracking your head just to figure out where to fill those empty tummies and make your Monday just a little bit better, we’ve made a compilation of great lunch places, near you! This week Plaza Damas is up, filled with great hidden gems of old school favorites and unassuming new joints.

1. Warung Soho

If you’re a frequent of Plaza Damas on weekdays , you would know Warung Soho and their take on a Kelantanese lunch staple Nasi Kak Wok. Known as Nasi Soho and with a fairly small menu consisting of Nasi Soho, Nasi Soho Ayam Kampung and Nasi Ikan Berlauk. With a wallet friendly price as well from as low as RM5, it’s not a surprised that Warung Soho has become one Plaza Damas’s favorites.

2. Rubberduck

Just across the road you’ll see this quaint little corner lot shop Rubberduck. Still considered a rookie among Plaza Damas’s Pro’s, this little cafe have all the answers for you if you’re looking for a dose of healthy lunch to boost up your mood. With a wide array of healthy bites like the signature Blueberry Smoothie Bowl, Succulent Roast Chicken Leg on top of a fluffy mash and the famous Salmon Sesame Poke Bowl that’ll guarantee fill that empty tummy of yours up to the brim which will set you back.

3. Simply Sisters

You would say Simply Sister is one of Plaza Damas’s classic as well, even though they’ve only started selling Spicy Pan Mee and their simple but tasty and full of flavor Yong Tau Foo a few years ago. It’s one of those places you go to when you feel like you need hug from a warm bowl of Spicy Noodles but if you feel like eating something a bit more hearty and homey, you can try their handmade Yong Tau Foo to share with your office buddies, both meal will cost you around RM11 to RM15 depending on the size and amount.

4. Bread Aroma Bakery

Just a few minutes walk you will find Bread Aroma Bakery if you’re craving for that “bready” and pastry goodness, this place will leave you with a smile until the end of the day. Their signature Butter Croissant is everything you could ask for from a Buttery Pastry classic, soft, flaky and light it’s just one of those things that you’ll crave and Bread Aroma Bakery have the answer to that. We even tried their Cheese and Ham Pastry, Chocolate Croissant and Tuna Pastry, now we know why people flock the front store of this place every time a fresh batch comes out of the oven. You can get your hands on their Breads and Pastries starting as low as RM1.30 and goes up to RM6.

5. Jajanan Jakarta Ayam Penyet

A stone throw away you’ll see one of Plaza Damas’s Oldest makan place, Aji Don Alley where you’ll find a handful of hawkers that pride themselves with good old honest homecooking. One of that is Jajanan Jakarta that serves the East Javanese Timeless fare such as Ayam Penyet, Lele Penyet and the all time favorite Bakso. Their Ayam Penyet serves with a generous helping of the handmade sambal is the go to among the lunch goers around here about RM6 just for a plate of that? How cheap can it get?

6. Aji Don Penang Fried Kuey Teow

literally just two steps away there is the Penang Fried Kuey Teow stall, serving you guess it…. Penang Fried Kuey Teow since the first day Aji Don started operating. You can see why this particular stall lasted the test of time when the others have changed numerous times. Sticking to only 1 item on the menu, it proves that less more when it comes to good food. Order a plate of their Penang Fried Kuey Teow for about RM4 and that’s all you need to keep you smiling throughout the day. You know it’s good when you can taste the smokiness of the wok as soon as you pop one bite and hits the tongue, now that is Penang Fried Kuey Teow for you.

7. Aji Don Soto

Turn around and follow the smell of that hearty beef broth you’ll find yourself in front of this nameless hawker stall that has been here for as long as anyone could remember. One of their bestsellers and also crowd pleaser is Soto Ayam. Served piping hot with a choice of Bee Hoon, Mee Kuning and Kuey Teow. You can’t go wrong with a bowl of that with side of handmade Bergedil that is freshly fried as they prepare your bowl of Yummy Soto. With a bowl starting from RM4.50, you bet it is also one of the cheapest in Plaza Damas.

8. Aji Don Nasi Ayam

Not ending our list without mentioning the lunch king and you know which one I’m talking about, is the Nasi Ayam! Who doesn’t love a plate of well prepared Nasi Ayam? This stall is of the first you’ll see or “smell” as soon as you set foot in Aji Don Alley. Not messing with the simple fare, you’ll have a choice of Roasted or Steamed chicken smothered with their signature Kicap sauce that has just the right amount of saltiness to compliment both the Rice and the Chicken itself. You can never go wrong with their Aji Don’s Nasi Ayam for only RM3!

We hope this list helps you through your lunch dilemma, If you have more suggestions, please comment below so we can do some reviews at YOUR favourite places soon! Lookout for more ”Éh Lunch Mana” GIF on our Facebook page, next week as we uncover more makan spots near your work place. Happy lunching!

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