September 25, 2023

Top 5 Halal / Pork Free Char Kway Teow

We are faced with so many food choices nowadays, it’s bewildering shoA lot of places sell Char Kway Teow (CKT) but only a few could really get it right. Even harder when you’re seeking halal/ pork free CKT that can rival their more lardy cousins.We’ve compiled a list that even has a vegetarian-friendly one in it.pping for your daily meals. So we decided to pit them against one another. In the ring today, our essential cili padi. Afterall, we consume 80 tonnes of the stuff daily…

Like it wet or charred?

Aunty Gemuk, Kelana Jaya

Aunty Gemuk is the reigning queen of Char Kway Teow. This is a lady that knows her way around the wok. Her sihams (cockles) are LEGEND-wait-for-it-DARY! They’re succulent and springy. Added into the kway teow at the last minute so it still retains the slightly raw texture. Don’t fret if you have a sensitive stomach. Your tummy won’t protest afterwards because she uses the freshest siham available. Noodles are teasingly fried over a high flame till they obtain that wok hei quality. Charred and smokey.

Soggy, salty sweet and yummy its no surprise that her customers stay loyal to her even when she had an alleged relocation hiccup a few years ago. Aunty Gemuk is a CKT specialist -she’s been doing it for more than 20 years and even has a protégé that’s been trained to take over her place. Let’s just pray that her heir apparent is just as skilled as her when it comes to frying the perfect plate of char kway teow. We can only hope, right? For more delicious details, read our review here

Restoran Jamal Mohamed, No. 24, Jalan SS5A/9, Petaling Jaya

Food Court, Giant Hypermarket Shah Alam, Lot 2, Persiaran Sukan, Section 13, Shah Alam

Doli, TTDI

Originally from Taiping, Doli has been feeding CKT aficionados for more than 10 years. They’ve opened a branch in Taman Tun so their Klang Valley fans can savour a plate of their noodles without the necessary road trip.

It may look like the regular Chinese CKT but what’s different about it is the cooking process ( and the absence of lard, of course ). Instead of the usual flaming fire, charcoal is used and it’s cooked at a more languorous and unhurried pace. No-rush kway teow. Eggs are put in last so you’ll get fat bite sized pieces of scrambled egg in the dish. Kuchai leaves and bean sprouts are also added to give it some freshness.

The noodles still has that sheen that you associate with good CKT but it’s not as soggy as most Malay ones. Cockles and prawns are juicy though cooked longer than Aunty Gemuk. The taste is not as robust as the Chinese-styled kway teow but it’s not as sweet as the Malay version. An ideal balance that makes it a worthy choice if you’re looking for a halal alternative. Go to this review for more yummy details.

Kway Teow Doli No. 5, Regat Tupai 34000 Taiping, Perak

Doli Kway Teow Goreng No. 16, Jalan Wan Kadir 4 Taman Tun Dr Ismail Kuala Lumpur

Det Station, Cheras

More famously know for their Nasi Lemak Det’s actually serve one of the best Malay styled Char Kway Teow in the city. Noodles are soft and slippery soaked in an eggy broth with prawns and cockles. We recommend you order the ‘Special’ for extra prawns and a bigger portion. The thick broth has a sweet seafood taste and just a hint of soy. The strands of kway teow noodles are slurpiliciously tasty mingling with the broth stupendously. Enjoy it with some pickled chillies to add just a smidgen of sourness to the dish.

It would have been great if it wasn’t located in the scary depths of Cheras and Ampang. Unfortunately you have to trudge through the MRR2 traffic to get here but it’s so worth it. Come with an empty stomach because Det’s Nasi Lemak is pretty awesome too. Read more at Det Station.

Jalan Bunga Tanjung 18, Taman Seraya, Cheras

No. 19, Jalan Avenue 3, Avenue Ampang, Ampang

Tony’s, Uptown Damansara

We have been fans of Tony for years. He’s been selling his famous CKT at the Uptown food court for 22 years. His kway teow has a milder charred taste compared to Aunty Gemuk. He cooks his cockles in just the right amount of time so they remain succulent and tender instead of being tough and rubbery.Tony’s version is a drier one compared to the others. Paired with crisp bean sprouts and fish cakes the kuey teow has subtle soy and delicate garlic flavours. It is usually served with ‘cili padi’ and ‘kicap’ on the side. Mix this with the kway teow for more saltiness and heat. Click here to find out more.

Store 1073 Uptown Hawker Stall, Uptown Centre, Damansara Jaya

Blue Boy, off Tengkat Tong Shin

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you vegetarians out there. But in truth this vegetarian char kway teow is on this list because it is delicious! Blue Boy is a chinese coffeeshop that serves everything vegetarian so you have your economy rice sans meat and all kinds of local favourites with clever meatless substitutes. The CKT here has that signature ‘wok hei’ flavour with crispy bits of egg (you can get it eggless too). Best of all it’s fried up with meaty oyster mushrooms to give it body and kick. And the cook is an Indian dude who came to learn the skill of charring noodles from the original guy when he was a wee lad of 13. A must-try. Head over to Blue Boy Restaurant for some vegetarian luvin’.

No 6001, Blue Boy Mansion, Jalan Tong Shin, Kuala Lumpur

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