September 25, 2023
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The Best 5 Nasi Lemak for Food Lovers in KL & PJ

Calling all fellow food lovers and nasi lemak fans! This the food lovers list for the BEST 5 Nasi Lemak in KL & PJ compiled by people who love to eat nasi lemak at FriedChillies. On 2 July 2022, for one day only all these 5 nasi lemak heroes will be converging in ONE location selling their top rated nasi lemak just for you! #ieatnasilemak! We are back!

” Eating Nasi Lemak will bring you everywhere. It’s served it to all kinds of people. It has the power to unite Malaysians – FriedChillies”

With that, we introduce the BEST FIVE Nasi Lemak in KL & PJ… (in no particular order) :

1. Angah, Pasar Sentul
The only one in this list that makes a pandan based nasi lemak and its dee-licious! You can taste a perfect balance of real pandan flavours. The mild sambal has equal tones of sweet and sour, a lovely combination of de-seeded dried chillies, tamarind and tons of onions. Their basic is a bungkus but they are the proof that great things do come in small packages.

Angah has many different kinds of lauks to go with their nasi lemak from ayam merah, kerang, paru, daging & more. Absolutely love the sambal kerang. It’s cooked with daun limau purut giving the sambal a nice limey flavour that goes great with the nasi lemak bungkus.

2. Suri 223, Jalan 223 PJ
Nasi Lemak Suri is one of the kings at Selera 223 foodcourt. Their packets of nasi lemak are packed fresh. Now run by Mohd Lutfi who inherited it from his mum who in turn inherited it from her mum. The third generation stall still retains his grandmother’s recipes in all of their cooking. The sambal has a mild heat and bit of sweetness to it.

If you are the type to have your nasi lemak with different types of lauk, Nasi Lemak Suri has that covered too.

Our fav is their sambal sotong & their “manually wrapped, air tight packing” paru goreng so that you can still get that Kkkrruncchhh on your plate. Nice!

3. Ujang Corner, Gombak
The lovely Kak Nora runs Ujang Corner with over 30+ years of experience in this field. We absolutely love her rice. You heard it right. Rice. The rice is soaked, par-cooked by steaming, cooled, then steamed again before the coconut milk is added. The result? A crumbly, fragrant, deliciously coconut-ty and nutty rice that pairs wonderful with their range of lauk.

She got the basics to the tee! Their sambal is thick with top grade chili (we can tell), onions and is luxurious with deep rich flavours; and not too spicy. With the basics right, the other lauks are a walk in the park. We recommend the oh-so-goooood… jellylike sambal sotong. You trylah…

4. Warung Nayan Ikan Sembilang, Lenggeng NS.
If you want to taste the famous Lenggeng(Negeri Sembilan) nasi lemak ikan keli, Nayan is ground zero and they are still leading the pack where others follow. Since 1972. Now, over 1500 packs are sold every Sat & Sun (they open weekends only) and it’s gone by 8.30am.

Its simply nasi lemak rice and a small piece of ikan keli sambal. No timun, egg or bilis. Complaints? That stops once you put the first spoonful in your mouth. The simplicity of the dish is the craft. The sambal ikan keli is sweet and the fish is just tasty… not the slightest taste of mud. Air tangan orang kampung as the Malays say. The best of all is their lemak keli version which is limited. That finishes out first.

5. Warung Rindu Pak Ya, Pantai Dalam
Pak Ya’s rice is steamed just nice, not too glutinous and not too ceroi. They don’t serve ikan bilis goreng but their sambal has chunks of ikan bilis which compensates for this. The sambal has a small kick which I am sure sambal lovers will like. He says that he takes special care in preparing the sambal which takes 3-4 hours to slow cook to perfection.

Here comes the best part. Fried burung puyuh. It’s a puny bird so you don’t get much but it is delicious when served piping hot. Marinated with Pak Ya’s secret herbs and spices, probably tumeric and salt, its the simple stuff are always the hardest to perfect. With that…they are in our list!

So that’s our BEST 5 Nasi Lemak list for Food Lovers in KL & PJ!

This is a food lovers event made by food lovers for food lovers. Some of these nasi lemak, I bet you probably not have heard before. Nasi lemak secrets were passed by hand from parents to their children. These nasi lemaks are the good stuff, not some youtube recipe.

Want some? Taste “the good stuff” this Saturday… details are below. We are part of the TEMU Weekends x Night Nomad Market KL event! Do also check out fashion pop-ups & art workshops there. Thank you to Yayasan TM for helping make this happen.

Event : FriedChillies Makan Best Series : Part 3 Nasi Lemak!
Date & Time: Saturday Only, 2 July 2022 : 5pm – 11pm
Venue : TEMU Weekends x Night Nomad Market KL, Muzium Telekom, KL
More Info about future FMBS 2022 food events in June – July 2022.

So food lovers & ieatlemak fans… You know what this means right? “Bawa Bertenang Dan Makan Nasi Lemak” this Saturday!

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