September 25, 2023
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The Best 5 Barbeque Joints for Food Lovers in KL & PJ

Calling all BBQ lovers! You are in for a treat. This the food lovers list for the BEST 5 BBQ in KL & PJ compiled by people who love to all things BBQ & Bakar at FriedChillies. On Sat, 16 July 2022 for one day only, 5 BBQ & Bakar Lejens will be converging in ONE location selling their top crafted briskets, ribs & more bakar stuff just for you! It’s Pesta Bakar 2.0

Introducing the BEST 5 BBQ Lejens in KL & PJ (In no particular order)

1. Beard Brothers, Tropicana PJ.
Beard Brothers BBQ dishes out traditional low-and-slow style barbecue, with cuts and options that include beef briskets, ribs, chicken and a variety of sausages.

With customised meat smokers from Australia (which they designed), Nazri’s briskets are always one of the best fall of the bone tasty meats you will have ever tried. Currently the benchmark others are striving for in town.

PitBoy BBQ, Puchong

These guys are new and how dare they dare serve rice with their briskets! But give them a chance. Try their ribs with rice too. Chef Arizal did a couple of years in Singapore before opening up Pit Boys and it’s a hit with the local crowds!

Arizal used kayu rambutan & mangga to give his BBQ a distinctive localised taste. Different from the rest but try it lah. Their star honey sauce is the BOMB and they take about 16 hours to prep & make the briskets. Now, why rice? A lot of family oriented meat loving groups wants to take their parents along. Problem is parents love rice so Pitboy served them. Rice taste like briyani abit. Highly localised taste at value prices.

3. Ayam Mashwi, Gombak
Dare we say that Ayam Masywi is one of the best Ayam Golek/Bakar in town. A lot of those in Bazaar Ramadans fail to live up to Masywi’s standards. Extremely juice and well bbq’ed over a turnspit fire. These guys are not new. Been around for more than 23 years and has perfected the lemongrass marinated fall off the bone BBQ roasterie chicken.

Don’t let the fact that they operate out of their house for 20+ years fool you. The only other Ayam Bakar that comes close or equals to Masywi’s taste & quality is the famous Bunohan Ayam Bakar in Kuantan.

5. Cowboys Barbeque, TTDI/Ara Damansara
The man behind Cowboys Food Truck is Nizar. He used to work in American Airlines all the way in Texas. Came back, had a hankering for Texas style BBQ and was the first to open up a street dining BBQ texas style. Called it Cowboys Food Truck.

People make a beeline for his thigh slappingy tasty & juice dripping Beef Briskets that is perfectly smoked & comes with potatoes & smoked beans. A level up in taste compared to their nearest competitors. That’s why they are in our list. Come August, they will have a permanent place in Ara Damansara called Cowboys Barbeque.

5. Ikan Bakar Seri Melaka, Jalan Bellamy
If you don’t know them, shame on you. They are Lejens. Seri Melaka is always packed (the middle stall) Their speciality is the grilled pari which their other competitors find hard to beat. The secret is that they only use the female pari’s because according to them, it is tastier.

Combined with their special chili grill marinade, each piece individually wrapped in banana leaf & grilled over a huge hotplate, this is the one to go for. Is the place comfortable? No. You sweat like a horse and come out smelling like fish. And then you come back the next day because the food is so good. Really.

BONUS #6. FC Startup SpecialSlo-Mo BBQ, Seri Kembangan
Mo Adlan runs Slo-Mo. The man run smokes his briskets from his house using his BigMama Tongster so that why we are featuring him as a startup special being alongside the “big boys”. Everybody has to start somewhere right? But just look at them briskets maaann…

They do their briskets black pepper style and the whilst the words juicy is always associated with briskets, this one is smooth. Did we mention black pepper? Something different that you’d need to try!

So that’s our BEST 5 Barbeque Joints ( + 1 Bonus) list for Food Lovers in KL & PJ!

This is a food lovers event made by food lovers for food lovers. Taste “the good stuff” for one day only. Details are below. We are part of the TEMU Weekends x Night Nomad Market KL event!

Event : FriedChillies Makan Best Series : Part 4 BBQ & Bakar!
Date & Time: Saturday Only, 16 July 2022 : 5pm – 11pm
Venue : TEMU Weekends x Night Nomad Market KL, Muzium Telekom, KL
More Info about future FMBS 2022 food events in June – July 2022.

Food lovers! Come & bring all your friends & family this Sat 16 July 2022 weekend. Have an out of this world BBQ cookout by great artisans & pitmasters. Available for one day only this year! A big thanks to Yayasan TM & Muzium Telekom for this too!

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