Kajang Foodcrawl

Kajang has loads more to offer than just satay, there is rojak ayam, nasi padang, nasi kukus and many more. Many of these shops have been around for a generation or two…

Tiny roadtrip! To Kajang…

Over a weekend why not venture a little out of your Klang Valley haunts and check out some places in Kajang? They are not only famous for satay okay? There’s some excellent local food to be found if you know where to go. So strap up and lets take a quick food trip adventure in Kajang.

Kak Su Nasi Kerabu Narak

We started with some good old East Coast Breakfast at Kak Su Nasi Kerabu Narak. This place is packed, I mean seriously jam packed with people and cars. There are a myriad of great dishes to choose from that goes with your Nasi Kerabu or Nasi Dagang such as Solok Lada, Ayam Kampung, Gulai Itik, and much much more. Whatever your East Coast craving might be, best bet is that they have it here.

Location: JC 80 Lot 717, Jalan Cheras Batu 12, Kajang

Medan Selera Jalan Sungai Kantan

This cute little Medan Selera is a real find. Located right beside a housing area and a Surau, this small corner houses a few Warung but man all of them are top notch! Grab some nasi lemak at Nasi Lemak Pagi Kak Faridah. You gotta try the sambal sotong here, thick deep red gravy and perfectly chewy sotong.

Right next to Nasi Lemak Pagi Kak Faridah there is a Roti Canai stall. This Malay-style roti canai is thin, fluffy and crunchy. They serve it with a thin and flavourful chicken curry. There is no dipping in the curry with this one, dunking a forkfull of roti canai is the way to go.

Lunch time we have another lovely stall that serves an amazing rojak ayam. This is THE legendary Rojak Ayam in Kajang that has been filling the bellies of Kajang folk for over 20 years. Cucur Udang, cucumber, sengkuang and all the trimmings of a good rojak is topped with a succulent, juicy fried chicken. Oh and now they also selling nasi ayam as well. This one is good too and comes with special sweet and spicy sambal kicap.

Location: Jalan Sungai Kantan

Zee Zee Cafe & Catering

For lunch have some nasi kukus at Zee Zee Cafe & Catering. The rice is fluffy and the kuah kerutub is just addictive. Apparently they order the spices straight from Kelantan so you get the real taste of a Kelantanese kerutub.

The specialty here is that they have Asam Pedas Claypot Ikan Merah to go with your nasi kukus. The gravy is thick, sweet, sour and a tad bit spicy. Its like we are eating Asam Pedas at Melaka.

Restoran Minang Jaya

If you fancy some nasi padang, check out this roadside Minang restaurant. they are famous here for their gulai tunjang which basically the sinewy, corded leg of a cow simmered down in a spicy gravy. This yields a soft gelatinous-like flesh and is excellent with rice. They also have all the usual lauk here like dendeng, bergedel, masak lemak pucuk ubi and lots more.

Lot 2722, Batu 12 1/2,Jalan Cheras, Kajang

Gerai Kuih

While we drive around waiting for our dinner place to open, we stopped by this Gerai Kuih. This gerai has been operating along the old road that connects Cheras and Kajang. There are a lot of choices here such as Pau Kacang, Pau Sardine, Cakoi and much more. Each kuih is cooked on the spot daily. The cakoi is exceptionally delicious, it’s like a crunchy fluffly pillow that we can’t get enough of, and the kaya pandan dip is just icing on top.

Cendol Tokong Cina

This cendol and rojak vendor sells from the Shen Sze She Yar temple in Kajang town. They have the usual fare of refreshing shaved ice cendol and full-bodied rojak mee and mee rebus. This is really the most excellent treat for a hot day.

Cendol and Rojak stall at Tokong Shen Sze She Yar, Lot 22-23, Jalan Mendaling, Kajang

Sate Izan

Remember we mentioned that little food court that has a lot of delicious little warungs? Well we are back for dinner with some good ol’ sate.

They still grill their sate over charcoal to give it that distinctive taste that a gas burner can’t provide. Sate Ayam here doesn’t have skin on it, only fat juicy tender meat. The one thing that sets one sate stall apart from another is their kuah kacang. The kuah kacang here is thick and comes with a spicy sambal. Those who loves a spicy and creamier version of kuah kacang would love this place.

Location: Jalan Sungai Kantan

Kajang has loads to offer in terms of great food, and what we ate is just tip of the iceberg. Next time you visit this food heaven, venture out with this list and enjoy the delicious food Kajang has to offer. But of course if you want to try the famous Samuri satay, you can read our review here and even more Satay Kajang here.

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