September 25, 2023

KGB Bangsar

According to KGB Bangsar, ‘life is too short for a bad burger’. With burgers inspired by American burger joints, and now (huzzah) they have scrummy, crispy chicken wings too, they remain one of our favourite burger joints in town.

This is borderline burger heaven

KGB or Killer Gourmet Burgers have been going from strength to strength ever since they opened in the half shop lot in Bangsar about 4 years ago. It’s still one of our favourite burgers. For a short history, KGB was started by Steven and Joe Yi.

Where it all started at KGB

They actually quit their jobs to focus fully on the burger place. It took them 6 months to get the recipes right. Burger aficionados will take a look at the menu and know that the items are inspired by famous American burgers from places like In’n’Out and Shake Shack. I find it great, as now one doesn’t have to hitch a 20 hour flight for a burger (not that I’ve done that before..)

Try The Shack first, their basic cheeseburger. A beef patty is smash-griddled and put between their signature bun with a slice of American cheese, some leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of the signature ‘Shack’ sauce. This is a seriously delicious cheeseburger. The patty gets a wonderful crunch but is moist and juicy inside. When you bite into it, the burger drips with delicious beef-jus. The cheese adds a nice creaminess whilst the veggies gives a burst of freshness. Special mention though, must go to the bun.

Everything at KGB is made in house. The beef is high-quality and freshly ground daily with a good fat-lean ration, ensuring juicy burgers even when cooked well done. The buns too, are made in house and are proudly branded with ‘KGB’ using a hot metal brand that they press onto the top of the buns, lest you forget where you’re eating. At KGB, the burgers are cooked using the ‘smash’ method. A hockey-puck sized ball of meat is put on the griddle and then pressed down to get maximum crust formation and browning. The best thing is that they can even cook the burgers medium rare, should you like.

Their signature, in-house bun is like a brioche or potato bun: pillowy soft and chewy, but strong enough to not disintegrate completely at the torrent of burger juices. It’s my favourite bun of the moment, if I might say so.

Other burgers to try is the Spiked Shack, which adds spicy Shack sauce and crispy beef bacon to the regular Shack. Then there is the Bash, which is loaded with Provolone cheese, caramelized onion and for some crunch, cornflakes! It’s a great play of flavours and textures.

And they haven’t forgotten chicken, as the Tornado (RM15.90) is a crunchy, Parmesan-encrusted chicken patty with onion rings and a rockin’ wasabi mayonnaise. Still hungry? Go for the Kimchi and Bulgogi Fries, which are divine. Fat, chuncky potatoes are slathered with spicy Kimchi and shavings of Beef Bulgogi. It’s a decadent, almost obscene side dish. If you’re down with just regular ol’ fries, that’s fine too.

Diam diam… they released a series of chicken & buffalo wings which caught us by surprise. They have four flavours to choose from but our absolute top pick is their Golden Wings i.e. wings slathered in salted duck egg sauce with slices of pickled jalapeno on top. Your lips will just pucker up with joy at this combo. Salted Duck Egg fans would adore these wings with an Asian twist as it has that grainy salty taste with an added sourness and kick from the jalapeno peppers.

Atomic Nashville is just like what it sez… one bite. Kaboom.. not for people who cannot tolerate chillies. But we love this too. NIce.. a bit sourish, tasty yet atomically spicy.. great with some… soda.

KGB is certainly living up to its name. This is borderline burger heaven. Even the prices aren’t too bad actually considering it’s locations are neighbourhoods like Bangsar and Taman Tun. There’s good attention to detail in their food and subtle restrain so their food here whether burgers or wings are balanced in flavours and textures. We agree with their motto: ‘Life is too short for a bad burger.’

Update : KGB’s Golden Wings Fried Chicken has been selected by the FriedChillies Ayam Lejen judges as one of the Top 8 Fried Chickens. Don’t miss Malaysia’s 1st Fried Chicken Festival this coming 18th – 19th Nov 2017

KGB Bangsar

This is borderline burger heaven


Address23, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201 1220
Open Mon & Wed – Thu: 5pm – 10.30pm, Fri – Sun: 12noon – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm
Pro Incredibly delicious, well crafted burgers. Price is right.
ConsUsed to get pretty crowded but now with a few more branches in town there’s enough places to sit
Price Range RM20 – RM40
ParkingOnly on a Tree
Certification Pork Free

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