September 25, 2023
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The 1st Cyberjaya Makan Best Fest is Here!

For one day only, we’d like to invite you to enjoy foodpop-ups from TOP Makan Best Heroes, Karipap Sellers & Kuih Lejens under one roof. Created by homegrown Malaysians & curated by FriedChillies just for you.

” All Under One Roof this 20th Oct. JOM! “

And we are back after the haze with a new date guys! We got gourmet burgers, handmade pizzas, cakes by award winning masterchefs, kuihs made with natural ingredients, specially curated karipaps you must try, smoked BBQ briskets and more at the event.

CMBF2019 Poster

We’ll also throw in FREE kuih making workshops running all day and a special knowledge sharing session with founders of successful homegrown F&B brands. Learn about how other businesses work. Admission & parking is FREE but makan have to pay. Everything will be cashless by Boost! Scroll down for the new event itinerary.

The #CMBF2019 Pop-Up Highlights include :

1. Beard Brothers BBQ with their famous briskets. This started out from Nazri’s backyard and grew into a serious business years later. It’s their first BBQ pop-up appearance. So ya’all please give him a warm welcome when you see him at #CMBF2019 ok.

Nazri with his Smokers
Beard Bros Briskets

2. The ever famous Sixtybites burger will also be with us serving their delicious chargrilled burgers at street prices you won’t believe. Congrats on your 1st food truck guys!

Sixtybites Burger on the grill

3. Handmade Pizzas by myPizzaLab. They bringing their game on with toppings such as smoked beef, duck and even seaweed. It’s awesome! Yet another runaway success from Renyi & the myBurgerlab boys & girls!

myPizzaLab with Duck Pizza and Dugong
myPizzaLab Duck Pizza

4. Pastribella. Masterchef Season One champion Dr. Ezani just opened her first joint serving lovely cakes and pasta. Packed!

Pastribella Cakes
MasterChef Winner Ezani with Pastribella

5. Karipap Rusa by Karipap Lejen Abang Faisal of Mutiara Karipap from Penang. A special section just for you karipap mad people! 15 years of experience in karipap making.

Abang Faisals 5 inch Diameter Karipaps

6. Karipap pop-ups by Karipap Satay Ayam Mama from Kajang that fills their delicious pastry with juicy satay.(wuhoo!) and the famous Karipap King Kong with their humongous chicken and & beef karipaps from Kuala Selangor.

KIng Kong Karipap

7. Kuih Pop-Ups from Lejens Mak Jah in Ampang and La Cucur bringing their top kuih to the event as well as newcomers Mok Teh (east coast kuih) and Apam Johol (wrapped in some daun rambai) from Negeri Sembilan. Handmade with natural ingredients. Blows your mind!

Kuih Ondeh Ondeh

8. FREE kuih Masterclasses all day where event goers can learn how to make kuih from scratch for business or pleasure!.We’ll be announcing our ***secret*** FB celeb doing a kuih talk with you for the day soon!

The Projek KWIH Team

9. Food Branding tips from Asri & Shukri of RekaNegara with experiences in branding ready made food for global markets and honest bizniz insights by Founder Sharifah on running La Cucur since 1998! And Akmal will share his experience on how he got his snacks to be sold on-board AirAsia-X!

Guru Lejens at Bizniz Talk

10. Nasi Lemak Angah, Sentul. They make over 1000+ little banana wrapped bungkus per day and their sambal kerang is to die for. Rice has a hint of pandan. Nasi lemak fans must try this!

Nasi Lemak Angah with Sambal Kerang

Fans & friends! Thanks so much for supporting homegrown food people at IeatNasiLemakIeatBurgersMalaysia’s Largest Food Truck Event & Ayam Lejen. We love to see you guys again for the 1st Cyberjaya Makan Best Fest at a brand spanking new cool place called RekaScape just opposite MaGIC & the Dell Office Building . Don’t miss our last event for 2019!

Share this page with friends & families! Click GOING on the #CMBF2019 FB events page, or check out friedchillies.comfacebook or IG @friedchillies #CMBF2019 for latest updates. See you there this coming Saturday, 28th September at RekaScape!

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