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The 9 Food Entrepreneurs To Learn From at AYFE 2015

So you want to be a food entrepreneur? At the 1st ASEAN Young Food Entrepreneurs Conference this November, we’ve got 9 people you definitely want to listen to.

” Food Entrepreneurship 101 “

If you’re a budding food entrepreneur, you would probably value the sound advice of people who have basically ‘been there, done that’. So scoot on over this November to the 1st ASEAN Young Food Entrepreneurs Conference (AYFE 2015) happening this 18th – 19th November 2015 at 1AES Hall 1, Jalan Kia Peng KL. Some of the best & most successful food entrepreneurs and experts will sharing their experiences on what it takes to be in the game. This year’s special focus are on Food Trucks. This is your chance to learn the ropes, tips and tricks of the business not only from Malaysia but also across the ASEAN region. So without further ado, we announce… the speakers at AYFE 2015…..

Nilamsari Setiono, Owner & Marketing Director, Baba Rafi Indonesia

Nilamsari is the owner and marketing director for the biggest kebab chain in the world, Kebab Turki Baba Rafi with outlets in Malaysia, China, Sri Lanka and more. She’s travelled the world over including Monaco, Singapore, Hawaii and Shanghai as keynote speaker and participant in entrepreneurship summits and conferences. To date they have more than 1,200 outlets worldwide in just over 10 years. How did they do it? Find out at AYFE.

“From Karts to the Largest Kebab Franchise in the World” – Keynote Address, 10.30am : Thurs, 19th November, AYFE Conference Hall.

Nini Haznita (Nita), Owner, KAW’D/Kaw Kaw Burger Baka

Nita is the co-founder of Malaysia’s pioneering burger bakar brand, KawKaw Burger Bakar and their flagship brand, KAW’D. She’s been featured as a key entrepreneurial figure by many local news and business publications and just recently opened a franchise in the highly competitive Singaporean market. Find out how she grew a modest side-street stall into a burger phenomenon and then opened across the waters to a totally underserved market in Singapore. How did she know?

“Kaw-ing the Lion City” ASEAN Session : 12:15pm : Thurs, 19th November, AYFE Conference Hall.

Ren Yi, Owner, myBurgerLab
Renyi is no stranger to all foodies. When opening myBurgerLab in 2012, he was one of the first to truly harness the power of social media to boost his sales and expand the myBurgerLab brand. In addition to his strongholds in the Klang Valley, Renyi has also opened up a myBurgerLab restaurant in Cambodia. A canny businessman and strong believer in ‘happy staff serves happy customers’, his workplace philosophy has made myBurgerlab one of the best places to work in F & B. Learn why myBurgerlab went to Cambodia and as the winner of FriedChillies Top 5 Trending Food Entrepreneur 2015, what are his social media secrets? He tells them at AYFE!

“Turning Likes into Sales” Food Truck Session : 4:30pm : Wed, 18th November, AYFE Conference Hall.
“The Cambodian Story” ASEAN Session : 11:45am : Thurs, 19th November, AYFE Conference Hall.

Daniel Marizd, Owner/Operator, La Famiglia Food Truck

Affectionately known as the ‘godfather’ of KL’s food trucks, Daniel owns and runs the Mafia-themed La Famiglia food truck, one of the earliest KL food trucks in town. He’s a veteran of the local food event scene and has also talked to many aspiring young food entrepreneurs at schools and colleges on the nitty-gritty of running a food truck business. Danny brings his insight into the Food Truck phenomenon, what it takes to run one and what the future holds for them.

“The Food Truck Story”: Food Truck Session : 10:30am : Wed, 18th November, AYFE Conference Hall.

Richie Pham, Owner/Operator Banh Mi Bo, Thailand

Richie and his wife Bo opened up a Vietnamese food truck for several years before deciding to open up a permanent stall in Sukhumvit 33/1. Still selling at food truck prices, learn from Richie how he managed pull this off with his wife and still remain successful. So what are the trends in Thailand and Vietnam? Are they the same here? Richie spills it at AYFE.

“Tales from the Driver’s Seat to Cafe”: ASEAN Food Truck Session : 2:00pm : Thurs, 19th November, AYFE Conference Hall.

Najee Ramli, Owner/Operator Thyme Out Food Truck

Culinary arts graduate Najee Ramli is the head-honcho of the Tex-Mex food truck, Thyme Out. He started out with a stall and then graduated into a state of the art truck. He has participated in many food events in the Klang Valley and knows a thing or two about managing ingredients and operating a kitchen in a truck and all its challenges.

“Top 5 Challenges You Need to Know about Food Trucking”: Food Truck Session : 3:30pm : Wed, 18th November, AYFE Conference Hall.

Adel Ishak, Owner/Operator, Little Fat Duck
Adel is also a pioneering food trucker and his truck, Little Fat Duck, is famed for serving quality pastas and meals for bargain prices. Now he’s expanded into kiosks in shopping malls and is the go-to-guy if you want to know about quality control and retaining customers. Also rumoured to be the inaugral President of the upcoming Malaysian Food Truckking Association, whatever challenges a food truckker faces, he’s faced it all. Adel shares it all and give pointers on how to survive them at AYFE.

“Sustaining Past 12 Months”: Food Truck Session : 3:45pm : Wed, 18th November, AYFE Conference Hall.

Ku Azharul Nizar, Owner/Operator, Cowboys Food Truck

Smokin’ meats and chicken wings are the order of the day from Cowboy Food Truck, and owner Nizar knows his game. He’s participated in various food events and also private catering. From his experiences, Nizar is now in prime position to talk about choosing and equipping the right food truck for the right food truck business.

“Food Truck Fabrication and Utilisation”: Food Truck Sesson : 3:00pm : Wed, 18th November, AYFE Conference Hall.

Junas Miradiarsyah, Chairman, Asosiasi Food Truck Indonesia (AFTI)

Junas is an avid food lover with more than 15 years’ experience in Marketing Communication. He entered the culinary world last year to pursue his entrepreneurial passion with his wife and siblings. As a result, he successfully launched the first modern food truck in Indonesia that introduced Indonesian food in a unique and creative way. Armed with commitment passion in the industry, he now serves as chairman of Asosiasi Food Truck Indonesia (AFTI) and also runs the popular Telap Telep Food Truck.

“Tales from the Driver’s Seat”: ASEAN Food Truck Session : 2:30pm : Thurs, 18th November, AYFE Conference Hall.

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