September 25, 2023
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5 Incredible Reasons to Attend FMBS2022 Kopi, Coffee & Kuih Fest!

Calling all coffee lovers in KL & PJ. Here are 5 reasons why you should come to the FriedChillies Makan Best Series : Kopi, Coffee Kuih fest this weekend 31-31 July 2022 at Muzium Telekom, KL.

” Where You Will Remember Again Why You Love Coffee “

Reason #1. It’s a Coffee Fest for Food Lovers Curated by FriedChillies.
This means its not just about hard core coffee, but also interesting side subjects like coffee mocktails (JCB makes a smooth yet tasty coffee orange mocktails) and things like that.

Oh ya… there’s also food & kuih/coffee pairings by Projek KWIH and food we think goes well with kopi or coffee like nasi kerabu!

Reason #2. You Get to Support the Small Coffee Players & Have Great Coffee
This is a platform for small business based coffee enthuasists. They make their coffees with love & passion, guys. This is the event where you get a chance to talk to the business owners themselves, support their business and taste coffee made by their own very hands. Who are they? Here’s a list! We have….


Copei Coffee

Cold Bruh

Coffee from Home (Yes- thats the name)

Kopi Tanpa Nama (Yes again.. thats the name)

Jatuh Cinta Brew x Camping Kopi

3. Most Use Manual Press Coffee Techniques!
Do you find making coffee without using an expensive coffee machine interesting? Milk steamer using a bialetti moka pot but with a highly customised pressure & steam head? Someone manually grinding beans all the way? Slow coffee bar? Well..this is coffee fest is for you.

Cold Bruh with their manual press technique

4. Latte Art Competition by Barista Guild Asia
A first collaboration between FriedChillies x BGA, coffee enthuasists can compete in a BGA judged latte art competition and win goodies! Only at this event.

5. FREE coffee workshop & talks
Want to get into the coffee business? Set up your own but don’t know how? Come to one of Barista Guild Asia’s coffee talk happening throughout the 2 day event. Get close and personal with BGA and network with other coffee lovers and enthuasists with similar interests Talk information will be released soon.

This is the first FriedChillies x Barista Guild Asia collaboration with specially curated coffee vendors for food lovers!

Details :
FriedChillies Makan Best Series
(TEMU Weekends x Night Nomad Market KL)
Part 6 of 7 : Kopi, Coffee & Kuih
30-31 July 2022
5pm – 11pm
Muzium Telekom, KL

Don’t miss.. For one weekend only!

We have a great line up for all you food lovers out there who loves coffee. Support your local small businesses by coming to this FriedChillies x Barista Guild Asia curated event.

Don’t forget to bring friends, families, a coffee thirst & hungry tummy too.

Attribution : Pictures are from respective social media /postings of brand owners.

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