February 28, 2024
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This Is The Food Event of 2022 – Food Lovers Encore!

Calling all FriedChillies Fans and Food Lovers in KL & PJ! Your favourite food vendors from FriedChillies Makan Best Series are returning for one last encore… One last endgame… this Aug 6, 2022. We call it “The Food Lovers Encore”. Here’s some flashback from past series.

This time, the heroes & lejen lineups includes a mix from past series ranging from street local, burgers, nasi lemak, Japanese Fest, BBQ and Coffees. In one location, for one day only just for you. If you missed the past 6 series, this is your one last chance to attend the tastiest food event in town!

” We may not be the biggest…
but we are the tastiest “

Introducing the Food Lovers Encore lineup

1. US Styled Briskets from Slo-Mo BBQ
Aircraft engineer qualified Mo Azlan ditched his job to smoke briskets in Tongsters Big Mama… in his backyard. His Sarawak Black Pepper Briskets smoked using rambutan wood is calculated thermodynamically to the right size to make his briskets so tender yet juicy.

Our fans literally requed back for a second & third helping during the BBQ series. This time, he is bringing smoked sausages too!

2. Wagyu Burgers from Doplohtiga
Burger stand built by bikers, for bikers & all burger fans. Our fans made a beeline for their halal Japanese wagyu from Kumumato, Kyushu at unbelievabley wallet friendly prices.

Complete with melted cheese and that burger aroma sizzling over an open kitchen that will make you wanting for more!

3. Pakistani Briyani from Liza Briyani
Only Subang Jaya citizens know about this place but now it’s wide open. Liza makes Briyani with his husband Amjad of Pakistani descend.

The chicken is cooked together with aromatic Pakistani briyani spices in huge 4 feet briyani cauldrons. During our Street Local series, our food lovers loved the aroma & spice kick from Liza’s recipe. Best in town!

4. Mochi Waffle Ice Cream by Cremiu
This is a great find if you are an artisinal ice cream lover! Chef izanur lived in Japan for 16 years, with 4 years in the culinary industry specializing in desserts and confectionary.

He loved the Monaka Ice cream and upon returning to Malaysia, opened up Cremiu and created his very own Mochi Waffle Ice Cream with Matcha Filling.

5. Okonomiyaki by Doki Doki Okonomi
Most people don’t know how good a takoyaki & okonomiyaki can be until their tried Doki-Doki. Owner founder Rose studied in Japan for a couple of years & worked in the Japanese industry for over 20 years.

She had cravings for a good halal okonomi. Using her experience as a Japanese process engineer, innovated a winning tako & okonomiyaki recipe for KL folks. Fans love love love Doki-Doki especially the generous Bonito flakes doused over the okonomiyaki. Oishi ne!

6. Ulu Bernam Mee Kari by D’Famous Zul Mee Kari
It’s loaded to the brim with cockles, fucuk, fried tauhu, sliced aubergine, cut chillies, half a lime, cut ladies finger, half a boiled egg and to top it all off…a piece of ayam goreng fried in Zul’s style.

Zul Mee Kari Special comes loaded with all sort of goodies filled to the brim. Worth the money!

One of the best kedai Mee Kari in Malaysia is hidden in a small humble shop in Ulu Bernam. And they are back in KL for one last encore!

7. Handmade Kuihs by Projek KWIH
A CSR Project by FriedChillies that has gone mainstream. This has become a favourite spot for below 30’s to get their traditional kuih fix. You heard that right.

They are surprised that your local kuih merah, kuning & biru can taste this good. If you make them with love with no artificial colouring and preservatives, they run out in no time. At the helm is Kak Latifah and her gang.

8. Nasi Lemak Sambal Kerang by.. Nasi Lemak Angah
Angah makes a pandan based nasi lemak and its absolutely dee-licious! You can taste a perfect balance of real pandan flavours. His sambal recipe is passed down from his mother-in-law, has equal tones of sweet and sour, a lovely combination of de-seeded dried chillies, tamarind and tons of onions.

Their basic is a bungkus but they are the proof that great things do come in small packages.

9. Coffee Mocktails by… Jatuh Cinta Brew
Fauzi runs an inconspicious coffee mocktail stand in Ampang. Perfecting his drink making skills in international hotels and even having a short stint in Switzerland, his coffee mocktails are smooth and delicious.

With edible flowers & jalapeno chillies amongst his ingredients, it is a definite crowd favourite amongst our food lovers at our Part 6 : Kopi, Coffee & Kuih Fest!

10. Street Gourmet Burgers by.. Bones Burger
A simple street gourmet burger with handmade patties made by Bones. Its magic how they can make this little thing taste so good. And that caramelised onion jam just takes the taste level higher.

These guys used to run the famous viral Sixty Bites Burger in TTDI. Need we say more?

11. Handmade Onigiri by Little Nana’s Kitchen
The man makes onigiri using actual Japanese techniques.. so the rice has a bit of sourish taste, just like in Japan. What do you expect from someone who spent 4 years working in a restaurant in Japan?

A delightful array of tasty onigiris & sushi that our food lovers absolutely squealed with delight at our Japanese Food Fest x ALEPS series.

So the best “the good stuff” all coming back this Saturday… details are below. #FMBS2022 are part of the TEMU Weekends x Night Nomad Market KL event!

Event : FriedChillies Makan Best Series : Part 7 : Food Lovers Encore!
Date & Time: Saturday Only, 6 Aug 2022 : 5pm – 11pm
Venue : TEMU Weekends x Night Nomad Market KL, Muzium Telekom, KL

Don’t miss this full flavoured FriedChillies & Food Lovers gathering… Its the Food Lovers Event of the Year!.

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