September 25, 2023

Mana Nak Cari Lemang – The Complete List

Every year, one week before raya Malaysians go into a lemang frenzy and join the crazy queue at their favourite lemang stall to rekindle back the once in a year friendship with their favourite lemang seller. We have compiled some of our favourites in one place.

” Here’s your one-stop list of lemang sellers in Klang Valley “

Well, we have good news. We have a huge list of lemang sellers… compiled historically over years and years… and listed them down here just for you. Here are some of them of our community favourites and more!

1. Lemang Warisan Emma, Ampang – Safri currently captains the ship at LWE. A second generation lemang seller with expertise passed down from her mom (Emma) with 20 over years of experience. Their lemangs are expertly done the traditional bakar lemang way. Besides their lemang biasa, their speciality is lemang pulut hitam. A hit with regulars. We recommend the Rendang Ayam. Generous at RM10/pack. Lemangs start at RM15. Whatsapp Safri at 018- 9773615

2. Lemang Si Merah, Bangi – Perfected by the catering guys at MZ Cafe, their lemang whilst not the bakar type, packs great flavour. A special secret machine is used to make these lovely lemangs that gives a good balance, softness to the lemang and the infused flavours of daun pisang are present. Their tasty rendang is packed in a retort pouch so that it keeps longer and more convenient. Lemang prices start from RM10.50 only. Rendangs RM12. Whatsapp Wawa at 014- 3160040.

3. Lemang Power, Bandar Tasik Permaisuri – Ajib is a local hero amongst lemang fans in his community. PKP badly affected his lemang business, he had no way to bakar his lemang and so, pivoted into a gas chamber technique that produced just stunning results. Tasted better than his regular bakar versions! Many lemangs had to be sacrificed before he managed reached the perfection of this scale but they definitely got our vote. Rendangs are fairly priced and tasty. RM13 for Lemang + RM7 for Rendang. Whatsapp Ajib at 019- 3133425

4. Lemang Tok Megat, Puchong – This year, Megat gave his fans a real “tak berniaga” scare. And then, several days ago, a single post appeared on their Facebook that they are starting on the 18th May and their orders have been coming in like crazy from then on. Their mid-size lemangs are best… good infused flavours and wood-fired the traditional way. Don’t forget their rendang too. RM13 for Lemang + RM7 for Rendang. Tok Megat is at 016-9160897

Now, just for you… a list of other lemang sellers that we know are operating in Klang Valley this Raya period. (The numbers may or may not be picked up. You knowlah how it is)

  1. Lemang Budak Kampung, 012-6187626 PUCHONG
  2. Lemang Bonda Kampung Subang, 017-237656 KG SUBANG
  3. Lemang Corner Ori, 017-2675512 TMN DATO HARUN
  4. Hj Yusof Lemang Pandan, 010-2515157 SHAH ALAM
  5. Lemang Simpang 8 Shah Alam, 019-3009993 SHAH ALAM
  6. Lemang Warisan Damai, 011-10025461 DAMANSARA DAMAI
  7. Lemang Lebaran Kampung Jawa, 016-2911352 KLANG
  8. Lemang Pandan Baginda, 014-6786083 KAJANG
  9. Lemang Tok Janggut, 012-3011862 KG KERINCHI
  10. Lemang Periuk Kera Rare, 011-10045723 KL
  11. Lemang Pak Lontok 013-2374916/ 60172244339 KL
  12. Lemang Resipi Opah Kite, 017-3030235 (Apy) KL
  13. Lemang Peluru, 016-4204414 SUBANG JAYA
  14. Lemang Resepi Bonda, 017-8883010 KELANA JAYA
  15. Lemang Panjang, 011-26413633 BANGI
  16. Lemang Ayahda Amiro, 018-3603696 PUCHONG
  17. Lemang Kemansah, 019-2736015 / 019-3475953 MELAWATI
  18. Lemang Pandan Village, 011-36525779 AMPANG
  19. Lemang RB Corner AU3, 013-223 3677 KL
  20. Lemang Tok Ketua, 011-26162838 TAMAN SRI ANDALAS
  21. Lemang Daun Lerek, 018-2232866 GOMBAK
  22. Lemang Pantai Power, 014-6443772 – PANTAI DALAM
  23. Lemang Pak Ali, 012-2540969 – MRR2 ULU KELANG
  24. Lemang To’Ki, 011-14472611 – BENTONG -> KL
  25. Lemang Pak Ajai, 016-4737548 – MRR2 GOMBAK

Hope the list helps. Salam Ramadan & Selamat Hari Raya to everyone. Remember to stay safe whilst buying lemang and rendangs from your favourite sellers in our list. Selamat menjamu selera.

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