September 25, 2023


Check out the Korean drama’s in Malaysia, mesti got fried chicken. They love it so much. And for Korean Priscilla and her husband, they decided to bring a bit of it here and make it halal for everyone to try! What’s good? The spicy fried chicken, amongst other things! It is packed almost everyday and on every table will be their signature fried chicken. The décor of this shop is also something to behold, each decoration has a meaning and it feels nice and cozy too.

Gochujang Red Glazed Spicy Fried Chicken. Tasty! 

Sweetree is one of the only Halal Certified Korean Restaurant in Malaysia. The name Sweetree is chosen by the founder to provide a cozy and comfortable place for guests to enjoy a sweet dining experience. The décor here is beautiful and each part of it has a meaning. The floor represents the ocean, the wall symbolize the earth and the ceiling symbolizes the sky. There are a lot of sea creatures on the floor and the fishes on the walls also symbolize freedom. The vibrant tables represent the vitality of the jungles in Malaysia. The décor alone is very comfy and inviting but what about the food?

Banchan at Sweetree

But first, you get served with 6 different appetizer bowls, or free side thingys.. it’s called Banchan. Its normally kimchi and vegetable dishes of all kinds. Normally in a Korean household, you cook this in large batches and keep them to last a week or so. At Sweetree, the tradition continues and the Banchan sides are a great accompaniment for their dishes.

Gohuchang laden Re Spicy Fried Chicken

Well, they have a variety of Korean food available on the menu, we started with their best seller which is the Sweet and Spicy Korean Chicken. This Korean style fried chicken is double fried to ensure it is crispy and juicy, and then it is doused with sweet and spicy glaze. The sauce is sticky and mildly spicy, and although it is mentioned to be sweet and spicy, we could hardly taste the sweetness. The double frying gives this chicken a really nice crunch to it. The red glaze is actually classic Korean red pepper paste they call “gochujang” which gives Korean fried chicken that signature red color. We know Koreans love their fried chicken and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Bibimbap at Sweetree

You also would not go wrong with their Korean kimbab’s and bibimbap serving ample and fresh stuff direct to your table. The bibimbap is rice topped with cooked vegetables, meats, and egg yolk. You are meant to mix it all together before eating it.

BBQ at Sweetree

They also just opened a Bulgogi section just next door serving Korean barbeques which is packed during the weekends and some weekdays. You can choose your grilled meats from short ribs and other cuts of beef, chicken & seafood. Just grill them over the gas assisted fire and in the mouth it goes.

Front Shop of Sweetree

The food here is really good and worth the price, and the décor makes eating here an experience.
Recently they opened a culture center specially created for private events. Fully equipped with surau, karaoke set, and piano. A great place to be dining.

Update : Sweetree Gochujang Glazed Fried Chicken has been selected by the FriedChillies Ayam Lejen judges as one of the Top 8 Fried Chickens for its just sooooo tasty taste. Don’t miss Malaysia’s 1st Fried Chicken Festival this 18th – 19th Nov. Support them at Ayam Lejen 2017!


Gochujang Red Glazed Spicy Fried Chicken. Tasty!


AddressNo.13 L-1.2, Jalan Ampang Putra, Taman Putra Sulaiman, 68000 Ampang, Selangor
Tel: 03- 42874385
Open 10.30am – 12pm. Closed Tuesdays
Pro Great Korean Food at Affordable Prices
ConsThe parking… the parking…
Price Range RM50 – RM150
ParkingOnly on a Tree
Certification Halal Certified

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