March 27, 2023
Middle East

Broasted Chicken King – Fried Chicken From The Middle East

It is undeniable that we Malaysian’s love our fried chicken. So how does this new place stack up to the other fried chicken joints in the market? We are here to test it out.

Crispy and Juicy Fried Chicken

Broasted Chicken King has its roots hailing from the middle east, one may even compare it to the renowned Al – Baik. The menu comprises of two types of meat which are chicken and fish, both which is featured in different variations. There are the fried chicken (which came in two flavours: spicy and original), chicken fillet, fish fillet, chicken burger and more. Top items are the spicy fried chicken, and also the fish fillet.

Front Shop. Gets Full at Night

One thing that caught our attention was that the food is cooked after we order, so there are no pre-cooked items here. The other thing that is worth of note is that they use pressure fryers. Pressure frying keeps the moisture and flavour sealed in while excess cooking oil will be sealed out, yielding a healthier, and more delicious final product. This is an original recipe by owner Mazen Ali, who has a finance background, studied in Multimedia University and hails from Yemen but BCK is 100% Malaysian.

BCK Spicy Chicken Set

The fried chicken is served along with (if you order the set) a sesame bun, a mountain of fries, chili sauce, ketchup, a cocktail sauce, and garlic sauce. The fried chicken is crispy, and that spiciness they added in seeps into the meat. They have managed to perfect a process where the chili spices are just underneath the batter. We don’t know how they do this! Almost every bite of the succulent chicken is complemented by the spice unlike some fried chicken places where most of the spices is on the skin itself. So, crispy outside.. but when you bite.. some pedas kick just underneath to tackle your tastebuds. We like.

Fish Set at BCK. Great Batter

The fish on the other hand has a light crispy batter to it, and underneath the batter you have a nice soft flaky fish. The batter does well to compliment the fish rather than overpowering the fish.

The fried chicken is great with the sauces

Not only that, the meal is complemented by 2 separate sauces. Cocktail & garlic. The garlic sauce is just out of this world! Its a sourish garlicky sauce that enhances your fried chicken experience.

Chicken Burger

Mazen recently introduced a chicken burger version with crunchy chicken patties and loads of cocktail & cheese sauce. Do have it with their garlic sauce too. It’s the bomb!

They are located at Dataran Jelatek which is opposite of LRT Setiawangsa station. If your looking to spice up your fried chicken list, give Broasted Chicken King a try. Great great great value and fun eating too.

Broasted Chicken King

Crispy outside.. but when you bite.. some pedas kick just underneath the skin to tackle your tastebuds. We like.


AddressG03, Dataran Jelatek, Jalan Jelatek, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-4265 2865
Open 1am to 1am daily
Pro Juicy Fried Chickens
ConsNeed to Pay Parking
Price Range RM5 – RM35
Certification Muslim Owned