February 28, 2024

Fried Chicken & Waffles at Chequers TTDI

Two brothers (Terence & Tim) opened Chequers in 2014 based on their love for waffles and their main focus was sweet & savoury Waffles. They chose to open it based on the family tradition of having waffles every morning made by their mother. You can’t beat the taste of people growin’ up on their momma’s waffles man! That’s why Chequers TTDI makes them good!

Tonight, We’re Havin’ Waffles!

If you have a deep deep love for Waffles, this place is made for you! You can find almost everything imaginable you want at Chequers on a Waffle, better believe it.

As soon as we got to Chequers, we spare no time and ordered 4 different types of Waffles. The first one is the good ol’ classic Fried Chicken and Waffles, it’s self explanatory but Chequers put a little bit of Malaysian twist to it. They stuffed it with turkey ham and then topped it with mounts of mozzarella, cheddar, honey mustard sauce and CHEESE SAUCE! It’s baked and placed on top of their handmade garlic and scallion waffles. Fuuhhhh I felt full just by writing about it but trust me it is an explosion of flavours the minute you sink your teeth in it. Memang kaw. Even though there’s so much going on in dish but they all work well together, definitely kena try ni kalau first time datang.

Next up we turn it up a notch and ordered the Mexican Fried Chicken & Waffles. It’s slightly lighter but packs the same punch, this time it’s a Jalapeño and Corn Waffle with freshly Fried Chicken, topped with Honey Glazed Bacon, Grilled Capsicum and served with a side of Tomato Salsa. As you can see, this one macam tex mex sikit kan? The flavour combo goes very well but a fair warning, don’t tackle this alone. It can be a bit ‘muak’ because it’s all still relatively heavy and super savoury.

After that beautiful mess, we recommended the Pulled BBQ Beef Ribs Waffles. This one have to be one of the heaviest among the 4, it’s salty and hearty onion, capsicum and mushroom topped with a big hunk of moist and melt in your mouth Pulled Barbecue Beef Ribs that was marinated with their in house made seasoning and marinade, shhhh they won’t tell us the secret pun. This one is for you carnivores out there. The flavour of the ribs triumph over everything and the waffle was a perfect flavour carrier for it.

We’re not over yet! The last but not least, here comes the Melting Moments! Which is the name for their Pisang Goreng Waffle, how crazy is that, right? Chocolate Chip Waffle with Hand battered Pisang Goreng and underneath all of this we have Vanilla Ice Cream as well. They really know how to fill you up here. The waffle and the Pisang were both crispy and fluffy on the inside and the ice cream just adds another umph.

Our take on this place is, never eat alone and always go for their Fried Chicken!

Chequers TTDI

Tonight, We’re Havin’ Waffles!



Address153, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-77333 068
Open8:00AM – 11:00PM
ProBig portions great for sharing.
ConsNeed to go for a long walk after makan. Ha ha ha.
Price RangeRM14 – RM50
CertificationPork Free

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