September 26, 2022
Street Food

Zam Burger

In the quiet neighbourhood of his housing area, Zam Burger is like an oasis. A small non-intrusive burger stall set up right in front of his own house; one may pass Zam Burger as your run-of-the-mill burger stall but in truth, it is more than what it seems.

The King Is Here!

Zam Burger is operated by Shafizam hence the name Zam Burger, a chirpy chap with 12 years of burger cooking experience. Zam Burger has an extensive menu to order from, there is the your not-so-average burger (we’ll get to that), hot dogs, chicken burgers, nuggets, fries and even canned drinks.

The main star of the shop is dubbed simply as the Super King, King, and Queen.

Burger flipping action in front of his house

The burgers are 200g, 150g and 115g burgers respectively. Each day the most sought after burger is the Super King, in Zam’s own words “without the Super King, I can’t open shop”. Another hot seller would be the Chicken Chop Burger, which is a breaded 150g chicken breast between burger buns.

Look at them juices

The Super King is pan fried, and seasoned with a mix of pepper powder, chilli powder, and Worcester sauce. The patty is flipped a few times and pressed lightly to keep the juices inside the patty. “Each meat has their juices, and these juices are key to make sure the meat is moist and cooked thoroughly” as Zam explains. Once the meat is cooked, the meat is placed on top of a bed of salad, a few slices of onions and topped off with a slice of tomato. The bun, which is the soft burger bun type, is buttered and seared on the pan beforehand. The sauce he selected to compliment his burgers are black pepper sauce, chilli sauce, mayonnaise and a secret sauce, which he won’t reveal.

The King in its final form

One bite of the Super King burger and you get a strong buttery black pepper taste, which then in turn transitioned into this lingering beefy taste with a hint of onions. It is a pleasure with every bite and so consistent, the soft buttery bun, the punch from the black pepper sauce and the succulent beef patty.

Crunchy Golden Crust

The Chicken Chop Burger on the other hand is rightfully deep-fried till it’s cooked then seared on the pan for a couple of minutes. The patty is dressed with just chilli sauce, mayonnaise and again, the secret sauce.

Crunchy Golden Juicy Burger

The Chicken Chop Burger is no slouch either; the crunch from the chicken patty is just glorious. Soft buns, crunchy crust, and juicy meat, what more can a man ask for.

The man behind the King

Zam Burger started back in August 2004 as nothing more than a fling, because back then he was involved in the MLM business. Years later, what started as a fling has turned into a passion and a career. Shafizam prides himself on being different, offering burgers of exceptional quality to his customers. He is very open to criticism to further improve his products and is constantly trying new stuff to add to his menu. Back when he started, he even made a pamphlet to explain to his customers why his Super King is better or different than normal burger patties. There was even a customer who brazenly asked him if his burgers were delicious. His reaction was to prepare the customer a burger and asked him to taste it. If he doesn’t like it he doesn’t need to pay for it. After tasting the burger the customer commented, “Now this, is a real burger” and became his regular customer till this day.

Zam Burger

The King Is Here!


AddressNo 26 Jalan 6/23B Danau Kota Kuala Lumpur 53300
Tel: Zam – 019 2432924
Open 6.30pm – 12.00 am
Pro Extensive menu to satisfy your taste buds
ConsMostly for take away as there are no tables or chairs
Price Range RM5 – RM15
Certification Muslim Owned

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