December 7, 2023
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Mak Chick Yunai

Mak Chick Yunai is a food truck that serves a wide variety of fried chicken from burgers to nasi lemak. With so many items to choose from you will surely find something for you here. Whatever it is, all the dishes feature a really good fried chicken.

Clucking Good Fried Chicken

We love our fried chicken, be it battered or berempah, we don’t discriminate. The sheer thought of hot juicy chicken fresh out of the fryer, with crispy skin with a slight crackling noise makes me cluck in delight. Mak Chick Yunai is a food truck that is dedicated to satisfy Malaysians’ insatiable appetite for fried chicken. With so many eateries serving really good fried chicken how do they fare up? Well, we decided to try them for ourselves.

Mak Chick Yunai is fairly new to the fried chicken and food truck scene. They offer a wide array of chicken base dishes from burgers to nasi lemak. We tried their specialty burger with a name that is longer than a newborn millennial and their nasi lemak.

Their burger, simply called Burger Mak Chick Gunung Berapi is two pieces of fried chicken stacked on top of each other, two slices of cheese in between, and an egg for you know, just in case you are hangry. In true Malaysian burger style, the burger is smothered in three different sauces. Lovely. The chicken batter is crispy and the meat is tender.

The marination is minimal, so it’s nice with the chili sauce, black pepper sauce and mayonaise. The taste is undeniably like our favourite roadside Ramly Burger but bigger and better.

The Nasi Lemak Gunung as they call it is a surprise to us. At first glance we thought the nasi lemak packets were brought in, but they were made by the people of Mak Chik Yunai themselves. If you decide to have it there and order it as a set, it comes with strips of ayam goreng berempah and salad

The nasi lemak is a pretty decent nasi lemak, you can taste the santan, pandan and some ginger. The sambal on the other hand is pretty mild, sorry pedas fans. The ayam goreng berempah strips are tender and juicy, with bits and pieces of the rempah marination. The chicken is marinated overnight, giving it ample amount of time to soak all the good stuff. The chicken and nasi lemak compliment each other beautifully.

Even though Mak Chick Yunai is new to the scene, its owner is a veteran in the F&B scene. He has been cooking for various eateries for the past 10 years. So check them out if you are in the neighbourhood.

Mak Chick Yunai

Clucking Good Fried Chicken


Address48, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 60000
Tel: 017-606 5797
Open 7PM – 12AM
Pro A wide array menu priced reasonably
ConsParking is a nightmare
Price Range RM5 – RM20
ParkingOnly on a Tree
Certification Muslim Owned

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