September 24, 2021
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Jonbab Turkish Kebab Wangsa Maju

Döner Kebab or more commonly known as Shawarma is the more popular version of kebab in Malaysia. Slicing slow roasted meat off a vertical spit is an art to be behold. Feeling peckish for kebabs? Get your fix at a small stall in Wangsa Maju called Jonbab where you can get authentic Turkish kebab made by an actual Turkish local named Sedat.

Authentic Turkish Kebab

Jonbab is a kebab stall at the corner of Wangsa Maju, in front of the famous mamak BRJ in the area. The owner of the stall, Turkish origin Sedat, has kept the concept simple. You order up a kebab, and you select your choice from the sauces available. I ordered up a small kebab and chose the garlic mayo, which is one of the sauces he makes.

Sedat preps the meat himself, from start to finish, the kebabs have his personal touch.

He began slicing the meat off, and heating up the Lebanese bread. He then adds in a fair amount of lettuce, few slices of tomatoes and your choice of sauces on the bread. Once the base is set, only then he adds in the meat and wraps it all up.

The kebab is quite big if you compare it to Shawarma at some Middle Eastern restaurants. The meat is juicy, warm and well seasoned. The main difference between a Turkish kebab and an Arab kebab is the way they marinate the meat as Sedat explains it.

A generous amount of garnishing makes this a hefty kebab.

The amount of meat is generous, and the lettuce is a bit too much for some but you can make a request to reduce it. The mayo is subtle and not too sweet. He mentions that he makes his own garlic mayo because the ones that are available in the market are too sweet, and sweet mayonnaise doesn’t go well with garlic. So he had to look for a suitable mayonnaise and add a bit of his own touch of garlic to make it just right.

The result of 15 years experience – extremely tasty kebabs.

Sedat has been selling kebabs for over 15 years, half of it was in the UK when he used to live there. When he married a local lass and moved to Malaysia, he brought his kebab business with him. He started selling 6kg of meat when he first started to test the market, and now, he sells 20kg of meat a day. He prepares the meat himself, after the meat is sent to his home in the morning by the local butcher; he marinates it and cuts it open like a butterfly and places it on the skewer. The cut that he uses is only chicken breasts and nothing else. He then marinates the meat and let it sit for 6 hours or so. He mentions the key part of any kebab is how the meat is marinated and the way one slices the meat off the skewer. With almost two decades of kebab selling experience under his belt, Jonbab has amassed many fans local to the area especially students.

Hankering for a kebab? Get one from Jonbab.

Nowadays, Sedat is busy looking for a new location to open up a new branch. His stall in Wangsa Maju on the other hand, is left in the capable hands of his partner.

Jonbab Turkish Kebab Wangsa Maju

Authentic Turkish Kebab


AddressJalan 4a/27a, Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 17-614 0891
Pro Big Kebabs – portions are generous
ConsParking can be a hassle.
Price Range RM5 – RM7
Certification Muslim Owned

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