February 28, 2024

Warung Nasi Lemak Rindu

Sambal stirred lovingly for hours. No wonder people who don’t come here often enough will feel ‘rindu’.

Good food at reasonable prices…

Warung Rindu has been around for more than 18 years. This place used to be just opposite the commuter station which then gravitated into the empty lot beside Jalan Kubur several years later. At this seemingly unknown place except for regulars and locals around Pantai Dalam, Pak Ya serves one of the best night nasi lemak this side of town. Nothing fancy at Warung Rindu here. Just simple steamed nasi lemak (kukus), sambal ikan bilis, cucumber slices and small piece of scrambled egg, all served in a plastic plate.

The rice is the steamed just nice, not too glutinous and not too ceroi. They don’t serve ikan bilis goreng but their sambal has chunks of ikan bilis which compensates for this. The sambal has a small kick which I am sure sambal lovers will like.

Here comes the best part. Fried burung puyuh. It’s a puny bird so you don’t get much but it is delicious when served piping hot. Marinated with Pak Ya’s secret herbs and spices, probably tumeric and salt, the simple stuff are always the hardest to perfect. I wonder how they can retain the moisture in a small bird such as this one. Chicken is fine too.

I had the chance to meet Pak Ya, the owner and asked why their sambal tastes different. He says that he takes special care in preparing the sambal which takes 3-4 hours to cook. That brings out the flavour in the chillies.

Several years ago, they diversified and started to sell other kinds food typical of a Malay stall offering. The Koay Teow Goreng is recommended. Nothing much more to write really. Ambience is almost-non existent. Afterall the stall sits just below the Pantai Expressway with cars zooming overhead. People just come here to eat good food at reasonable prices.

Warung Nasi Lemak Rindu

Good food at reasonable prices…


AddressLocated at the start of Jalan Kubur, Off Pantai Expressway, Pantai Dalam, Kuala Lumpur
Open6pm- 2am
ProThey don’t take short cuts. Nasi Lemak is good.
ConsStill a stall beside the road abeit a big one.
Price RangeRM7
CertificationMuslim Owned

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