September 27, 2022

Familia Fried Chicken – Love them Cheese Dipped Fried Chicken in Kg. Baru

When Izzat & his 3 friends best friends decided to open up a Fried Chicken joint, never in their wildest dreams they would’ve thought it’d be this popular. 3 years down the road and they’re considered as “The People’s Choice”, and its still goin’ strong.

They started the RM1 Fried Chicken craze. For real man!

What sets apart Familia Fried Chicken from the other local Ayam goreng joint is their unique batter and of course their claim to fame Cheese Leleh Sauce! And the other thing is that their Kg Baru setup has a beautiful view of KLCC at night. So you get great fried chickens & a great view to go with it.

Fried Chicken with a view

Their batter even though it looks macam Ayam Goreng biasa but the moment you sink your teeth in, it’s a real flavour bomb. The heat of the spice just engulf your mouth completely and followed by the soothing creamy and salty Cheese sauce. You need to take their fried chicken hot because they designed so that the heat accentuates the spiciness of the batter making their fried chicken even spicier. The cheese sauce’s job is to balance the taste out. Makes sense? We don’t know but it works.

It’s even more sedap when you know that Familia Fried Chicken sells their Fried Chicken starting from RM2! It was RM1 when they started until they realised that they can’t make much with that cost. But that’s not all…

Roti John at Familia

Have you tried their mutton roti john? It comes in half and full sizes. It’s delight stuffed in between two breads, coated with egg and then pan fried. Tasty! It comes in chicken and beef too but our fav is their mutton. Tastes a bit ‘up’ but has great flavours. We are sure you’ll love it too. Just look at it.. loookkk… Generous egg coating, mutton mayo tomato margarine filling.. what’s not to love. Comfort food.

If you guys want something a bit extra, get your hands on their signature Chicken Tower. It’s literally a 3 tier of pure Fried Chicken experience, the bottom tier is filled with their famous Fried Chicken, second tier is the loaded Cheesy Fries that’s totally covered with the same cheese sauce as the fried chicken and mayonnaise, to top it all off on the top tier is their Nachos with even more Cheese sauce. Meleleh habis!

Can finish all ah? We dare you.

Familia Fried Chicken Kg. Baru

They started the RM1 Fried Chicken craze. For real man!


AddressStadium Kampung @ Laman Selera Kampung Baru 53800 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 019 243 5974
Open 6:00PM – 01:00AM
Pro Generous with the sauce, plus a great view of KL
ConsWhen it is peak time, be prepared to wait
Price Range RM2 – RM35
Certification Muslim Owned

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