September 25, 2023

Just RM20 for Fat slices of Salmon Sashimi at Top Catch Fisheries

We like Top Catch because it’s unpretentious, proud of their food and well… pretty good for your pocket too. Come on over for some fresh affordable sashimi and stock on seafood while you’re here too!

Decent Quality, Affordable Sashimi and Seafood

CC makes delicious casual sashimi that will not burn a hole in your wallet. Currently RM20 buys you 10 – 11 thick slices of imported fresh salmon. And to think, almost 8 years ago, CC was from an IT industry and couldn’t even cut fish to save his life. He has another partner in crime, Eddie who also has an IT background who founded the business together with him.

The Salmon Sashimi here is definitely fresh. See.. the color.. and there is a good bite to the salmon, indicating that it has been carefully aged to bring out the flavour a bit.

CC serves other sashimi’s too such as Butterfish, Tuna, Octopus and Salmon Roe at reasonable prices. Don’t expect great art or twenty years of apprenticeship to be infused in their Sashimi taste. But, for the price you pay, you get something that is trully above the value paid for and delicious too.

There are two types of customers at Top Catch. Younger ones go for the Sashimi, more veteran ones go for their fresh Garoupa’s, or scallops, mackarel and all sorts of other seafood that is non sashimi but destined for the cooking pot at home.

We love Top Catch not just because the sashimi is great but in a true sense… you can loosely say that CC is a traditional fishmonger but a lot more hip. In the past fishmonger builds relationships with their customers, something not seen much nowadays. He actually spends time talking to his customers to understand what they need and gives it to them. That means better service, better fishes and for CC, better business as well. Good luck bro!

Just RM20 for Fat slices of Salmon Sashimi at Top Catch Fisheries

Decent Quality, Affordable Sashimi and Seafood


Address7, Jalan Hujan Rahmat Taman Overseas Union Kuala Lumpur
Tel: Mobile : +6012-611 6212
Open 7.30am – 1pm Daily (Closed Mondays)
Pro Good Value Seafood and CC (Owner) is Very Friendly
ConsDifficult to Eat There. Takeaway Better.
Price Range RM20 – RM50 (depending on what your order)
Certification Pork Free

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