March 27, 2023

Abang Jamal (Ah Mang) Halal Hokkien Noodles

The usual complaint is that it’s tough to get good Halal Hokkien noodles in KL. I mean the building blocks of your typical Hokkien noodles is lard and those crispy pork bits on top right? Well enter Jamal, a Chinese convert who makes such a superb Halal version even non-Halal eaters flock to his stall…

Halal Hokkien noodles with fried chicken skin!

Chinese Muslim Jamal’s friends told him that it’s impossible to make non-pork lard bits for hokkien mee. Three months later and after tons of experiments, he was victorious! Some regulars can’t even tell the difference.

Jamal is a 3rd generation Hokkien mee seller. His grandfather had a stall way back in 1957 at the Taman Selera in PJ Old Town. In 2008, Jamal became a Muslim and landed in a bit of a pickle because he can’t do pork no more. So what about his customers then? Hence the experiments

Jamal’s Hokkien Noodles are delicious with thick noodles, cabbage, prawns, chicken & dark soy sauce fried over a high-flamed hot wok. Once a week, he makes his “bits” which is made from chicken skin (about 20 kilos of it) and magically turns it into the crispy bits that’s awesome mixed in with his hokkien noodles.

The Koay Teow Bulan

The other great dish here is Jamal’s Koay Teow Bulan. He does not do the typical Char Koay Teow with pre-fried egg before hand. This is better. He fries the koay teow, complete with dark soy sauce, cabbage, chicken bits and puts it on a plate. A raw egg is cracked right in the middle giving it a bulan-like look. His wife, daughter or son will hurriedly bring the dish to your table for you to mix in the egg immediately. The piping hot koay teow will slowly cook the egg and coat the koay teow giving it an even better taste. Weekend waiting times can be long so be warned but if you love hokkien noodles, this is worth the wait. Smart regulars call ahead.

Abang Jamal (Ah Mang) Halal Hokkien Noodles

Halal Hokkien noodles with fried chicken skin!


AddressStall No. 8 Medan Selera Jati Jalan 1/12 (Opposite Good Shepherd Lutheran Church) Section 1, Off Jalan Othman, PJ
Tel: 016- 3976887
Open 5.00 PM to 10.00 PM (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
Pro t’s Halal Hokkien Noodles, that’s a good enough reason to come here.
ConsOn the weekends you might have to wait longer than usual but trust us, it’s worth it!
Price Range
Certification Muslim Owned

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