December 7, 2023

Top 7: The Best Makan Spots In Uptown Damansara

Uptown Damansara remains one of our favourite food haunts. Everything that’s delicious, you can find here. These are our favourites!

We love Uptown Damansara!

Uptown Damansara (SS21) sure has it’s lows: parking and traffic being chief offenders, but people still flock to it in droves. BECAUSE FOOD. There’s a lot of really good eats at Uptown, from hipster cafes and bakeries, to restaurants and decades old stalls at the famous food court. Here are our all time favourites at Uptown Damansara.

1. Nasi Lemak, Nasi Lemak Everywhere

This is from Nasi Lemak Kak Hani aka Bus stop

Some of the best nasi lemak in this part of PJ can be found at Uptown Damansara. Take your pick. You’ll find nasi lemak out of a car, nasi lemak at a bus-stop, a stall and a restaurant. They’re all insanely good and induce long queues during peak hours in the morning. Our pick? Super hard to choose, but Kak Hani’s aka Nasi Lemak Bus Stop, takes the cake with their fragrant rice, rich sambal and to-die-for kaffir lime leaf spiked ayam masak merah.

2. A Game of Pies

Meat and sauce wrapped in a savoury crust. What can go wrong? Nothing, really. A Pie Thing serves delectable pies ranging from savoury such as their chunky steak, cheesy chicken to sweet, irresistible blueberry tarts and Nutella tarts. It’s a bit noisy with students, but with pies this good why not just tapau and have it somewhere else?

3. Amazing Chicken Chops!

You like chicken chop? We love chicken chop! At Steven’s Corner you’re gonna find truly delicious, lip-smacking chicken chops. They come in either grilled to perfection or fried to a crunchy delight versions. You won’t go wrong with either one because the chicken is juicy and packed with flavour. The sauces – mushroom or black pepper (that uses only Sarawak black pepper!) – are gorgeous: thick, unctuous and savory. The deep fried sotong and oyster omellette are exemplary too.

4. Power, Power, Bawal Power

Let me say this in Malay because it’s the best language for expressing this next phrase: nasi putih, ikan goreng, kicap, sambal, kuah kari. These words said separately mean little. Combine them in a sentence, however, and they mean an incredible all-in-one meal. Hot white rice, crispy and salty fried bawal (pomfret), sweet soy sauce, a killer sambal and a rich, hearty curry make a stunning meal that’s filling and absolutely delicious. Best part? It’s CHEAP too.

P/s: The link brings you to a review of the Kota Damansara outlet, but the one at Uptown Damansara’s food court is the same and just as good

5. Char Koey Teow, Penang Style

Fast and furious. No, we’re not talking about a testosterone fueled movie franchise with fast cars and hot girls. We’re talking about the cooking of the char kuey teow at Swee Foong, also at the food court of Uptown Damansara. It’s loaded with cockles and beautifully touched with ‘wok hei’. They cook it within 5 minutes of ordering too so you get a plate of fresh and yummy char kuey teow. One of our favourites in the area.

6. East Coast Delights

Authentic nasi dagang, Kelantanese style is the champion dish at Capital Nasi Dagang. Capital hails from Kota Bharu itself, having been a famous nasi dagang seller for 15 years plus. Now they’ve set up shop in the Klang Valley and all of us are saying thank you. Delicious, nutty rice (brown and white) is steamed to al dente loveliness and served with a kick-ass gulai ikan tongkol. A true taste of Kelantan.

7. The Street-Burger Supreme

Ramly burgers are very common, but people who take this humble patty to exceptional heights are few. One of those that do, you can find in Uptown Damansara. Brother John (recognizable instantly because of his bald head!) is the master of the Master Burger: an insane creation of two patties (chicken or beef) smothered in his special BBQ sauce, loaded with veggies and wrapped in a beautiful egg that is almost crepe like in texture. It’s a street burger truly worthy of being called ‘Master’.

Okay so far those are our favourite spots. And we’re not even complete here: there’s also yong tau foo, chicken rice, seafood, sizzling steaks…well, you get the idea…

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